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Walking Dead…

So .. I’m watching season 2 on dvr with a friend .. we’re on the episode where the psycho dude ends up at the high school with the big dude who shot the kid .. you following me?

so we’re at the part where they’re inside medical van .. they open the door .. and there are dundundun *drum roll* zombies everywhere!

So .. episode is over .. and it’s time for us to leave the apartment ..

I open the door just an inch or two and hear a noise and semi slam it .. being overly dramatic .. as only i can .. i said something along the lines of the zombies trying to get me ..

so we laugh and i open the door again .. wider this time


I’m talking .. full on .. top of the lungs .. girlie squealing screaming for my life .. scream

damn oriental restaraunt dude putting flyers on door was standing right there .. bad timing right?

so i slam the door again and jump back ..

Guy is now standing several feet away on the other side of the hallway .. probably thinking .. damn crazy ass white girl ..

i’m hyperventilating .. and all he says is .. “you ok ma’am?”

Fucking zombies ..