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20 Movie Bits About Me …

  1. Saw is too scary for me .. When he began to saw off his foot .. I about had a heartattack .. covering my eyes and saying .. omfg don’t do it1
  2. The piano scene in House of Wax freaked  me out .. eyes looking .. skin being peeled off ..
  3. Jumping Jack Flash is by far the most awesome comedy of all time .. “What do you think I’m doing down there .. giving blowjobs to goldfish?”
  4. I stayed up late to watch the 10 Commandments with my father when we lived in Houston .. Fantastic movie
  5. The off planet skull scene in SuperGirl scared me .. Chzy movie otherwise but hey .. it was a girl superhero .. rock on!
  6. The Whole Nine Yards is the second most hilarious movie ever .. I don’t have a favorite scene .. although the running into the glass door was awesome .. followed by ..
  7. Emperor’s New Groove … “Hey I’m a llama again .. oh”
  8. Gladiator .. “What we do in life .. echoes in eternity ..”
  9. The original Nightmare on Elm Street gave me traumatic nightmares when I heard the sounds from my bedroom while my parents watched it hehe .. The scene in class where she has a nightmare and wakes up freaking out screaming .. loved it
  10. Made in America (Can you tell that I love Whoopie Goldberg?) .. The elephant scene made me cry I laughed so hard
  11. the Matrix .. “i’d have told him to shove that red pill right up his ass ..”
  12. Somewhere in Time .. romance at its most devastating
  13. Interview With a Vampire .. The best vampire movie of all time .. Twilight doesn’t come close to Rice’s brilliance .. and the nothing compares to sexy Tome Cruise and Brad Pitt and Antonio banderas
  14. Silence of the Lambs .. AWESOME!!!! .. “it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again ..”
  15. Legend .. a brilliant and extremely amazing classic .. my favorite scene is when she dances with her shadow
  16. Harry Potter .. I love these books and have quite a first edition collection .. as well as some from overseas .. Love these movies .. even if he wanted to .. what was it? have sex with a horse?
  17. The Raven .. a movie about Poe, his stories .. and a psycho rockin awesome serial killer inspired by the gruesome murders from the tales
  18. Men in Black .. the first one .. my favorite scene is a toss up between the bouncing destructive ball inside the building and his delivering of squid birth as he was pounded into the car .. “kiss my ass, k”
  19. Shawshank Redemption .. enough said.
  20. The Grudge .. I don’t know what it was about this movie or that funky ass kid .. but this movie terrified me .. had nightmares for weeks and will now not watch a scary movie by myself!

I’m sitting here picturing my DVD collection .. quotes might be wrong .. but you get the idea ..