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REVIEW: Cry Wolf – An Alpha and Omega series novel # 2 by Patricia Briggs

Cry Wolf is the second novel in the Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs.

This story is amazing!  I really enjoyed it.  It is rare to find paranormal romance, especially a shape-shifter series that remains focussed on a single relationship.  As with the Mercy Thompson series, Alpha and Omega continues to leave me smiling.

Cry Wolf picks up only 24 hours after the last book, On the Prowl left off.  Moving to Montana to be with her mate and his pack, Anna is forced to confront and accept help from her former packmates.  This is no easy thing considering most of them brutalized her.

Panicking as she entered Charles’ home, they both tip toe around each others fears, overwhelming emotions and the undeniable need for one another.

You would think struggling through the beginnings of a relationship were hard enough.  Nope!  After a werewolf makes his intentions known that he will challenge Charles for the right to become Anna’s mate, Charles is forced to explain to her that she does indeed have options if she does not wish to choose him as her mate.  This enrages his beast, of course.

A rogue werewolf is slaughtering hunters in the mountains.  Bran, the Marrok and Charles’ father sends him and Anna to search, hunt and more than likely kill the threat.

Witches.  Black magic.  Ghosts.  Spirits.  Funerals.  Mating.  This book will not leave you wanting.

I will not spoil this book.  Cry Wolf was extremely entertaining and I am looking forward to knocking out Hunting Grounds today 🙂

I recommend this book to mature adults only.  Although there is moderate to semi extreme violence and mildly nondescript sexual content, I do not believe this book should be read by younger eyes.

~Happy reading!

REVIEW: On the Prowl – An Alpha and Omega series novel #1 by Patricia Briggs

Although I have not read all of her books as of yet, Patricia Briggs is one of my favorite authors.

The Mercy Thompson series really appealed to me.  I love shape-shifter romance books, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the series continue the relationship between Mercy and Adam.

The Alpha and Omega series is a spin-off of the Mercy Thompson series.  This series is based on the relationship between Charles and Anna.

Charles is a very dominant werewolf.  He was born a werewolf, the only of his kind.  As son of the Marrok, Bran, he is the head hunter and wielder of justice for their kind.

Anna is an Omega werewolf.  Changed without her consent and unknowing of what she is, she endured three years of abuse and rape from her pack.  It took some time, but finally she gripped what little courage she had and contacted the Marrok to inform him of the death of the disappearance of one of the new werewolves in her pack.

As Charles was already sent to investigate the evil doings of Leo’s pack, Bran added a new order .. to protect Anna from the pack’s retaliation.

Charles’ wolf claims Anna’s wolf as his mate before either of them have time to adjust to one another.  This makes things even more explosive as he is territorial and jealous of those around her.  The knowledge of her abuse and pass around rape infuriates him.

This is a very short story that introduces this new relationship in the world of Briggs’ werewolves.  Although Anna’s character progression is at light speed, I look forward to reading more of her.

I strongly advise you to read the Mercy Thompson series first.  Without doing so, I doubt you would appreciate this book as much as I.

I recommend this book to mature adults.  Although there is no descriptive sexual content, there is a semi mild discussion of rape and abuse.  Mild to moderate violence.

If I had read this book without prior reading the Mercy Thompson series, I would have rated this with two stars.  Knowing what is to come with Crywolf and Hunting Grounds, I rated it with four stars.

~Happy reading!

REVIEW: Dark Gold – A Carpathian series novel # 3 by Christine Feehan

I listened to the audio book during my road trip to Texas.  This review will be shorter than the others, as I will not have any saved text to share with you.

Dark Gold is the Carpathian story of Aidan and Alexandria.  This book si wonderfully amazing and I really enjoyed listening to Juanita Clark read it to me.

Aidan, a vampire hunter that has existed alone for many centuries.  Sent to America to help protect the humans from the vampire predators, Aidan has known very few.  Alienated from his people, he only exists with honor.  Only exists to rid the world of his fallen brethren.

Alexandria is a talented graphics artist who is trying to land a job as the new designer for a totally rockin awesome vampire game being released.  Her parents died, and she has been left alone to care, to provide and raise her six-year-old brother.  Living in hell holes, scrounging for money and food to keep them moving forward, she loves Joshua dearly and will do anything to keep him safe and give him what she hopes will be a bright future.

Kidnapped by a vampire who claims her as his mate, she and Joshua suffer through caves flooded by tides, violence and terror from the vampire, and attempted double suicide to avoid the terrible existence of what she knew would come.

Rescued by Aidan, whom believes her a deranged vampiress, Aidan and Alexandria begin the relationship progression that all Carpathians must endure.  He wants her.  He is tormented by his inner demons.  She defies him and refuses to accept that she is no longer human.  Yadda yadda …

The vampires want nothing more than to claim Alexandria, to use her psychic abilities in hopes to bring emotion and color back into their lives.

This take is beautiful and I definitely recommend this to all mature adults in need of brilliant entertainment.  Moderate to extremely descriptive violence (woo hoo) and extreme sexual content.  This book focusses more on the fear of attacks and the struggles within their relationship.  Although the sexual content finally comes forth, there is very little.

I do not advise immature adults to read this book.  This warning is to those whom refuse to acknowledge that their children are NOT young adults.  They are children.  Know better.

~Happy reading!