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REVIEW: Silver Borne – A Mercy Thompson series novel # 5 by Patricia Briggs

Silver Borne has a ton of infrastructure drama.  Why would a werewolf want the Alpha of the pack mating with a coyote?

Jealous werewolves.  Conspiring backstabbers.  Alpha challenges.  Houses blowing to pieces.  Fae searching for an object that will take powers away from other fae.    And poor, poor Sam.

“Fine,” he said.  “Ouch, cat.  Don’t you know I could eat you in a single bite?  You wouldn’t even-ouch-even leave a tail sticking out.” – Sam talking to Mercy’s cat 🙂

This is a very busy book.  Silver Borne is packed with action that rushes from one scene to the next.  This is a very hard review to write.  Hard not to avoid spoilers …

Mercy loves Adam, the Alpha werewolf in the Tri-Cities.    But with that love, comes a price.  Her pack mates are making life in an uproar.  She doesn’t understand why she does certain things.  I mean .. why would she throw a bowling ball at a toddler?  The deception and manipulation in this book is interesting and intriguing to say the least.

With everything going on, Mercy is forced to lie to Adam about Sam.  I can’t go into much more than that 🙂

I will bottom line it for you.  This book pulls together questions from other books.  Mates are found.  Liars are beaten.  Friends are rescued.  Suicidal monsters are saved.  The ending .. well that is an entirely different moment altogether.

I recommend this book to mature adults.  Monsters eating other monsters .. slurp slurp .. So this book has moderate violence in it *grin* .. Very short descriptive sexual content .. bummer, right?  Please read the other books first.  Moon Called is the first book in the Mercy Thompson series.

Line of the book:

Where does a werewolf sleep?  Anywhere he wants to.

~Happy reading!

Book of the day … Silver Borne – A Mercy Thompson series novel # 5 by Patricia Briggs

I really tried to edit my book today .. hah .. But I needed to get this book done so I could have reviews for this series 🙂

Chapter one to follow: Continue reading

REVIEW: Bone Crossed – A Mercy Thompson series novel # 4 by Patricia Briggs

Bone Crossed is not on my top favorites list in this series.  Actually, it is probably my least favorite.

Mercy’s mother pays an unexpected visit due to the rape and murder from the previous book.  Ben, as weird and revealing as his character proved in the last book .. had a warm reaction to her presence.

But his attention was all for my mother.   (Ben’s)

“She’s married,” I warned him.  “And if you call her a rude name, she’ll shoot you with her pretty pink gun and I’ll spit on your grave.”

Adam said, “Ben.  Meet Mercy’s mother, Margi.”

That was the only highlight from this book.  I found it quite uninteresting.  Mercy struggles with the trauma of being raped.  Adam is patient. Understanding the fragile situation, he helps Mercy through her panic attacks.

An old friend of Mercy’s, Amber, invites Mercy to visit her home.  A ghost is haunting her son and her arrogant and stubborn husband believes that she and her son, Chad is making it up.

That’s basically the jest of the book.  There are some sweet moments.  I could go into them without spoiling anything .. but they are unworthy of typing 🙂

I dislike giving negative reviews, especially those pertaining to my favorite authors.  Nonetheless .. Bleh.

I recommend this book only to mature adults who are reading this series.  It would be confusing and boring to others.  Mild violence and implied sexual content without description.

~Happy reading!