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REVIEW: Dark Gold – A Carpathian series novel # 3 by Christine Feehan

I listened to the audio book during my road trip to Texas.  This review will be shorter than the others, as I will not have any saved text to share with you.

Dark Gold is the Carpathian story of Aidan and Alexandria.  This book si wonderfully amazing and I really enjoyed listening to Juanita Clark read it to me.

Aidan, a vampire hunter that has existed alone for many centuries.  Sent to America to help protect the humans from the vampire predators, Aidan has known very few.  Alienated from his people, he only exists with honor.  Only exists to rid the world of his fallen brethren.

Alexandria is a talented graphics artist who is trying to land a job as the new designer for a totally rockin awesome vampire game being released.  Her parents died, and she has been left alone to care, to provide and raise her six-year-old brother.  Living in hell holes, scrounging for money and food to keep them moving forward, she loves Joshua dearly and will do anything to keep him safe and give him what she hopes will be a bright future.

Kidnapped by a vampire who claims her as his mate, she and Joshua suffer through caves flooded by tides, violence and terror from the vampire, and attempted double suicide to avoid the terrible existence of what she knew would come.

Rescued by Aidan, whom believes her a deranged vampiress, Aidan and Alexandria begin the relationship progression that all Carpathians must endure.  He wants her.  He is tormented by his inner demons.  She defies him and refuses to accept that she is no longer human.  Yadda yadda …

The vampires want nothing more than to claim Alexandria, to use her psychic abilities in hopes to bring emotion and color back into their lives.

This take is beautiful and I definitely recommend this to all mature adults in need of brilliant entertainment.  Moderate to extremely descriptive violence (woo hoo) and extreme sexual content.  This book focusses more on the fear of attacks and the struggles within their relationship.  Although the sexual content finally comes forth, there is very little.

I do not advise immature adults to read this book.  This warning is to those whom refuse to acknowledge that their children are NOT young adults.  They are children.  Know better.

~Happy reading!

REVIEW: Kiss of the Night – A Dark-Hunter series novel # 5 by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Kiss of the Night is the Dark-Hunter series story of Wulf and Cassandra.

Wulf is your run of the mill Dark-Hunter who was betrayed.  Shocker?  A woman tricked him out of his soul.  Took his, gave him hers.  Now, he’s immortal and is cursed with something even more brutal than your usual oh woe is me.  Everyone who meets him, forgets his existence within 5 minutes.  The only person who remembers him is Chris, a direct descendant of his brother, his bloodline.

An over-protective Dark-Hunter sucks just a bit.  Holding Chris entirely too close and suffocating any chance at a real life, Chris is forced to suffer through his life as he’s pushed and shoved towards procreation.  He is the last of Wulf’s line and unless he produces children, Wulf will be left to live his pathetic existence alone.

Cassandra is a half-human half-apollite.  Watching her mother and sisters die one by one on their 27th birthdays, Cassandra has fought her entire life to survive those hunting her.  Rumor has it that her death will end the Apollite curse.  Daimons want her dead.  Apollites want her dead.  Dark-Hunters can’t stand her.  C’est la vie, eh?

“A plague to all who are Apollite born.  May you reap all you have sown this day.  None of you shall ever live past the age of my precious Ryssa.  You shall all perish painfully on the day of your twenty-seventh birthday.  Because you acted as animals, you shall become them.  Let you find your nourishment solely in the blood of your own kind.  And never again will you be able to walk in my realm where I will see you and be forced to remember what it is that you did to betray me.”

Cassandra and Wulf meet at a club while it is being attacked by Daimons.  They have an explosive kiss (Don’t they all?) in the alley and he walks away from her knowing he will be forgotten within moments.

Does she forget?  Yes and no.  Sucks, right?

They meet up in their dreams, assuming they are only dreaming and tend to one another’s oh so yummy lustful needs.  Facing each other ‘in real life’ they realize what they are to each other.  Enemies.  Both feel betrayed.  Seduced.  Manipulated.  Furious, Wulf is ordered to protect her.

Cassandra held her hands up and returned his glare with one of her own.  “Excuse me, Mr. Bad-Ass, but you will take another tone to me.  I’m not your bitch heel when you snap.  I don’t have to stay here.”

This book is loaded with interesting tid bits.  I don’t want to give everything away, so the big reasons behind it will be kept secret!  Neener.  Just know, Wulf and Cassandra fight alongside their friends, Chris and Kat to stay alive just long enough to die.

“Thank you for saving me again when I know it must burn every part that you did so.”

His look softened.  “It doesn’t burn every part of me, Cassandra.  Only you do that.”

I recommend this book to mature adults who are reading this series.  I honestly do not believe this book will make one bit of damned sense as a stand alone read.  Please read this series sequentially.

Violence galore!  Throats ripped out, bodies torn apart, hearts stabbed .. this book is a lot of fun.  Almost extreme sexual content (In comparison to erotica I read).  I strongly advise you keep this novel away from younger eyes.  It is inappropriate for immature kids and adults 😉

Line of the book:

“Law of the jungle.  The betrayee gets to eat the betrayer.”

REVIEW: Dance with the Devil – A Dark-Hunter series novel # 4 by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dance with the Devil is the Dark-Hunter story of Zarek and Astrid.

Zarek’s character is somewhat similar to Zsadist’s.  Somewhat.  He’s the darker, scarier, more evil of the team.  Unfortunately, Zarek’s character doesn’t stand a chance next to Zsadist.  Tossed away by his mother to die, beaten by his father and brothers as a slave, Zarek hates everyone.  He’s mean.  He’s nasty.  He’s just your all around asshole.

“You are worthless, slave.  Good for nothing at all.  You’re not even worth the scraps it takes to keep you alive.  If we’re lucky mayhap you’ll die and save us the winter rations for a slave who has some value.”

With that said, we all know how much those types totally turn me on.  Zarek doesn’t.  I expected this outstanding story, and although his back story is entertaining, I do not feel it did his character justice.

“Just once let me be warm.  Is there no star capable of sharing its fire with me?”

Going on a killing rampage that leaves police with his photo, Artemis sends the Day Slayer, Thanatos to kill him.  Yadda yadda .. Acheron and Artemis have to bargain yet again.  They agree on a judge, Astrid.  She is to spend the maximum of two weeks with Zarek to judge him as innocent or guilty.  His fate lies with him.  How cliché?  Sweet .. yet .. cheesy.

As Astrid forces Zarek into a cabin that is being slammed with her very own blizzard, she tests him with all of those little triggers that we are all so fond of.  Blind during her trials, she finds strength and courage to stand up against one of the most dangerous of all Dark-Hunters.

As with all paranormal romance alpha male novels, the character progression is at light speed!

“Because I love you, and een if I’m lying on the sun itself, I’ll be freezing there without you.  I need my star so that I can hear laughter.” – Zarek

Line of the book:

There were only so many kicks a dog could take before turning vicious.

I do recommend this book to mature adults only.  If you have not read this series in sequence, this book will more than likely make your eyes roll.  You more than likely will be confused and more definitely will be incapable of appreciating the other characters.

Extreme violence with blown up body parts! .. Deliciously hello there yumminess sexual content.  I strongly advise you keep this book away from younger eyes.

~Happy reading!