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EXCERPTS for Unleashed Desire by Tilly Slaton

ts-u-unleasheddesire1Hello my lovelies ❤  This post contains both a “Story Excerpt” (PG rated) and an “Adult Excerpt” (SEXTREME! rated).  For sensitive eyes, I will post the story excerpt first and FOREWARN you before you get to the adult excerpt 🙂


Their bodies stopped swaying. Taking a deep breath and swallowing the fear that threatened to ruin this totally rocking awesome moment, Madison turned around to face him. Oh, lovely. She felt the typical deer-caught-in-headlights sensation. Seconds ticked by with each breath and heartbeat. What the hell were they doing? Strangers. Strangers making each other feel such heat for each other. With every touch, the lust rippled like lightning through their bodies.

Say something. You want her. She most definitely wants you. He could smell her arousal, and wanted to taste her. Say something. Allowing a most sincere and beaming grin to grace his face, he smiled at her. No words were needed to explain what had just happened between them.

“Five minutes until last call!” he heard the DJ announce.

Well, this was it. The moment of truth. “I must see you again.” Dorian held his breath. Was he nervous? When was the last time he had felt this flustered? It was unusual for him to feel insecure with himself. He felt unsure of where he stood, though usually he could read exactly what a woman wanted. Pay close attention to her eyes, to her breathing and you can easily know how her body is responding to you. The way her body responded to his attentions, and whether or not her fingers were clenched or relaxed were excellent tells. Any man of worth could please his woman if only he would pay attention to her.

Biting her lower lip harder than usual, she needed to focus. “Umm, yes, I would love to see you again,” Madison forced herself to blurt out before she lost the words, the ability to even speak. Her entire body flushed. Not a single part of her body was free of the tingling ache that his touches left. No other man had ever left her feeling so flustered, so crazed with need. She did not want this moment to end. She dreaded the evening ahead and wished it would end sooner rather than later. Now Proteus was closing, and there did not seem to be enough time for the delicious man before her.

She breathed in again, her nose pulling in his scent. All male. His strength, his aura surrounded her, wrapping her into his web of seduction. Who was she kidding? She was done for. He could ravish her right now and she wasn’t sure if she could say no.

“My sister is hosting a party tomorrow evening. I would be honored if you would join us.”

Oh shit. She needed to be near him again. How could she even say no when her body cried out yes? Already fantasizing about tomorrow evening, it didn’t occur to her that she had not yet responded.

“I also extend my invitation to your two friends. If it would help alleviate any nervousness, please, by all means, allow them to accompany you.”

Madison turned in the direction that Dorian was looking. Both Danny and Elise were gawking at her. Raising her hand to offer a wave, she smiled softly before returning her gaze to Dorian.

“I’d love to. I’m sure they would feel more comfortable tagging along as well. I doubt I could dissuade them.”

Capturing her mouth with his, he sucked on her lips, nibbling and biting down hard enough to entice a surprised moan before running his tongue over her lips to soothe the sweet, stinging pain into pleasure. Dorian was anxious to taste her, to explore her warm, velvety mouth. “Open your mouth for me,” he whispered, his lips barely gliding against hers in a sweet temptation.

No hesitation. No second-guessing herself. She did as he asked and opened for him. He took advantage of her mouth immediately. Dorian sucked her breath into his body as his tongue darted into her mouth. Forcing her acceptance and gliding his tongue over hers, he tasted her. The little sounds she made for him were exquisite. Exploring her mouth more, he pulled her body tightly against his.

The world melted away. The kiss was fierce and demanding.

“Last call!” The final announcement jolted them back to reality.

Breathing heavily and panting, their lips were still touching. He sucked her lower lip into his mouth and bit down gently, causing her to moan. With an arrogant grin, he straightened his body. His bulge beckoned her, pressing against her stomach. She could feel his arousal and the thought of what was to come rushed through her veins in anticipation.

Taking her hand in his, he led them through the crowd toward the bar, to the friends that waited ever so eagerly for her return. She was his. He would have her. Feeling sorry for any person who tried to interfere with their relationship, he knew that he needed to claim her as his own, to mark her and warn other males away from this woman. He held his chin up with composure, more composure than he felt, and walked beside her, their bodies brushing against each other with every step.

****Warning *beaming smile* delicious “sextreme” (Siren’s heat rating) excerpt below***

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