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Twenty Tidbits of This and That …

Waiting for final grade from comp professor and figured, “sure, why the hell not?”

So, I’m quickly posting some tidbits here as Mike and I await .. beers and wings? SHh, don’t tell the husband! *winks at husband who will read this as soon as it is published*

  1. I have an elephant under my desk that worships my feet.
  2.  Glitterwands come in different sizes and are useful in many ways .. all innocent I assure you.
  3. I love dark chocolate.
  4. Most of my furniture is made of wood and old….old…old!
  5. Diablo 3 is being released on May 15th and you will not see me for at LEAST a couple of weeks!
  6. I will be testing for my recommended black belt next month … if all goes as planned!
  7. I had originally planned to take 4 college classes this summer…Screw that.  I may take one … if they’re lucky.
  8. I love the beach … the ocean .. hate the damn sand…it gets everywhere!
  9. I love to cook … anything with red sauce, jalapeno or dark chocolate totally rocks my world.
  10. There are too many remotes in this house and never enough batteries.
  11. I type approximately 125 wpm.
  12. My favorite indoor artificial scent is lavender .. my favorite natural scene is garlic!
  13. I currently hold an A in my computer class … and have yet to take the final…which would only push me above a grade of 100.
  14. I have a reoccurring nightmare since childhood of Freddie Krueger chasing me through my grandparent’s property at dark .. he never caught me.. I never saw him.
  15. The movie 8mm is brilliant and one of my all time ‘holy shit’ favorites.
  16. I write with my right hand, and I do almost everything else with my left hand.
  17. Places I’d love to go: Germany and Outer space!
  18. I love to crochet!  It’s a great way to tune out the world and provides a mindful concentrative stress reliever as it takes steps and counting 🙂
  19. I can’t count worth a shit and will usually lose count after 20 … thus making me start all over again.
  20. I love to write about things that the “normal” person would consider abhorrent .. the sicker the better.

Hasta la vista baby!  Beer and wing time!!