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REVIEW: Stars & Stripes – A Cut & Run series novel # 6 by Abigail Roux

Snort worthy laughter, sexy cowboys and indiscrete closets, endearing love, Family drama, vengeful tigers and betraying assholes .. oh my!

I am very excited to have had the chance to read this book prior to school starting on Monday!  And what can I say?

PHENOMENAL!  Roux outdoes herself .. Stars & Stripes is an incredible addition to the lives of Zane and Ty.

I found the first 25% of this book extremely comical and an unexpected surprise.

Below is a quick passage from a “Ty’s Family” scene .. I don’t remember what I was drinking, but I think it came out of my nose.  Bushes and pruning ..

“She told me to wait, that I was going to lose a finger.”  Earl looked toward the kitchen and then back at Ty and Deuce.  He snorted.  “I asked her, did she think I was stupid?  Then a  couple of snips later, whack.  Off went the finger.  And you know what that woman said to me?  I said, ‘Mara, you cut my finger off.’ And your mother said to me, ‘Well, Earl, who’s stupid now?'”

This book is a wee bit of a pinball ride.  It’s all over the place .. different states and scenes.  Zane ends up in Texas enduring his mother’s wrath while trying to solve the small problem of his father being shot by trespassers.  No spoiler here .. that’s all I’m going to say on it!

Below is a sexy scene between Garrett and Ty *grin*  I love this shit …

Zane kissed him harder.  “You feel like putting that hat back on and saddling up?”

Ty’s breath hitched, eyes dark and cheeks flushed.  “Oh yeah.  But if you utter the words ‘ride ’em cowboy,’ I’m done.”

Stars & Stripes provides a lot of back story gathering.  Bits and pieces of both our boys’ lives comes together and if it is even possible! .. I now have a more profound appreciation for our lovelies!

I recommend this book to mature adults only!  Strong and deliciously descriptive M/M erotic scenes, bloody betrayals and vicious conflicts!  Oh ya .. All I want .. is to have this entire series on my *glances to my right* bookshelf.  *pout*

Line of the book:

“Oh come on, admit it.  You’re a big bad tough guy who fell in love with an itty bitty kitty.”