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REVIEW: Killing Moon – A Moon series novel #1 by Rebecca York

The Moon series by Rebecca York is a fantastic shape-shifting paranormal  romance series.

Killing Moon is the first book in this series and is different from other shape-shifters I have read.

Ross Marshall, Private Investigator and werewolf, assists the police force in locating missing persons and more importantly … serial killers involved in those cases.

Doctor Megan Sheridan is a research doctor working for Bio Gen Labs doing mostly genetic testing for clients.  Losing the coin toss, she makes a house call to the one and only Ross Marshall who claims to have a genetic problem and needs her help.

Coming from a pretty brutal family, all female children die at birth as well as some males.  Those males that live will have to face the change during puberty.  Unfortunately, it seems most of them die during that stage.  So there is a high child mortality rate.

Unlike most wolf packs, all of the males in his face are alphas.  There is no one alpha to rule them all so as he calls his father, The Big Bad Wolf, growing up was not easy for him or his brothers.

I’m going to write a passage here from the book, but I don’t want you to think the entire book is this crude.  There are only two very small parts that come across this way and that is ONLY when he remembers his father.  I am only putting it in this review to give you an idea on the earth shattering and needful attraction between the male and his mate.   It also gives you an example of how harsh his father was to his children when they blamed him for the treatment of their mother, her life and all of children she loses.

“You dare to blame me, you shit-head moron?  Wait till it happens to you.  They call it chemistry.”  His father gave a harsh laugh.  “They hardly understand the meaning of the word.  They don’t know the burning need.  The lust.  The pain.  Wait until you’re old enough to start searching for a mate.  When you meet her, you’ll know.  Fucking her once won’t get her out of your system.  Because a wolf mates for life, sonny.”

“The good part is she’ll want to fuck you as much as you want to fuck her.  When you catch her scent, when you touch her, you’ll understand what it’s like for one of us, you sanctimonious bastard.  So if you want to have some fun with the gals, do it now.  ‘Cause when you meet your mate, your cock just won’t go in any other hole.”

This is a wonderful shapeshifter series.  I have always loved werewolf novels ever since my sister thrust me head first into the romance world 🙂

I recommend this book to mature adults only as there is moderate but tasteful sexual content.  I am going to make the violence as moderate due to the serial killer and his toys.  I advise you do not allow your teenager to read this book.  It’s inappropriate.  :p

Now I’m on to Edge of the Moon!

~Happy reading!

REVIEW: Hit List – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter series novel # 20 by Laurell K. Hamilton

Hmm.  First off .. do NOT read this review if you have not yet read the previous books in this series!

I love Laurell Hamilton.  I have been seduced and enthralled with the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series.  I have been looking forward to the release of Hit List for some time.

With that said, this book has profoundly disappointed me.

The phrase “love’s triangle” is a silly understatement when it comes to the relationships in Anita’s life.  Although her latest books have become somewhat repetitious with the lustful scenes and never-ending additions to her sec life, it was a nice change to read a book in this series without having every 10 pages tossing you on a bed with two or more men.

I think her main squeezes are amazingly wonderful, I do.  I missed them in this book.  It was nice to have the book centered more on Edward and the reality that revolves around him.

This book was nothing special.  Someone died.  Anita and Edward investigate the crime scene.  Other cops are difficult and shun their presence.  Olaf is his usual but something has changed inside of him.  I am curious where that relationship will go.  There were several intriguing moments that left me thinking, “Hmm .. what if .. ?”

There was not too much progression with Anita’s relationship with Edward.  He cares for her, deeply.   His two identities are merging a bit and that leaves them both slightly confused.

Who is the bad guy?  Well, that’s always the question when I start reading her books.  The Mother of Death is devising a plan of destruction and will do whatever it takes to possess Anita’s body.    What’s new?

The book has several scenes that are boring and predictable.  The ending?  Well let’s just say .. after all the build up with this badass “Mother” .. everything is concluded within a few pages.  Seriously?

*sighs*  I suppose the bottom line to this review, and I try my best to be as positive as possible, total let down.  Bummer.