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REVIEW: Burning Wild – A Leopard series novel # 3 by Christine Feehan

Bad guys.  Sexual heat.  Mating rights.  Extreme child abuse.  Manipluation.  Revenge.

A Leopard shapeshifting novel by Christine Feehan.  This novel takes place outside of the rainforest.

Although the story is adventurous and demanding, it takes off on a slow incline that becomes well worth the read.

Jake Bannaconni was severely abused as a child, both psychologically and physically.  Just reading about his childhood sent shivers up my spine and rage boiling through my veins.  The abuse, regardless of it’s use for backstory, just ripped my heart to shreds.

Escaping his family, Jake became a millionaire overnight and worked hard into his 30s to become a billionaire.  Add to that, he hides the fact that he can shapeshift, something he has hidden from his family since he was a defenseless child.

Used and deceived, a woman tricks him into pregnancy.

Emma Reynolds loves and adores her husband.  Before she is able to hit him with the exciting news that she was pregnant, everything in her life changed drastically.  The love of her life was taken from her.

A tragic accident takes place that leaves both Jake and Emma in need of each other.

As manipulations go, Jake does a doozy on Emma.  Tricking her to admitting her need for him, they end up living together.

I recommend this book to mature adults only.  Although this is a paranormal romance book, please do not let your children or young adults read it.  Seriously?  Think people.  Extreme child abuse, sexual content, revenge and violence with a bit of aggressive rape standoffs.  Nothing like having a female leopard in heat.

~happy reading!



Better Than 8: Fantasy – A Better Than 8 story by Erin Jamison

Sensual.  Anticipation.  Teasing.  Erotic seduction.  Funny.  Friendship.

I received a copy of this book by the author, a fellow blogger.  I love finding new authors, especially those whom are trying to make a name for themselves.

Erin Jamison is doing just that.  The creation of Better Than 8: Fantasy is a fresh and fun adventure into the world of friendship, online dating and taking chances.

Pushing forward, Amara takes a deep breath and allows her friend to talk her into testing out yet another online dating website.   What better way to eliminate the awkward moment of penis size than to throw it all out on the table … so to speak.

Unlucky in the past, but struggling to pull herself free of a four-year celibacy after her lover married another woman, Amara decides to create an account and post  a profile of herself.   Nothing like “Seeking King Kong” to prove a girl’s point, eh?

Sevastien is a Black Latino financial consultant that melts her butter.

“Can you play Ann to my King Kong?  My name is Sevastien and I’d like to get to know you better.”

After months of strictly email communication, Amara finds herself falling for a man she’s never actually met.  Scary!  Unbelievably frustrating and yet sexy all in one.

This review needs to be vague, because I refuse to spoil the book.

Former lovers tiptoe into bed.  Undeniable feelings without admission.  M/M and M/M/F sexual content with sweet love story.

My opinions of this book are fairly straight forward.  Erin Jamison has made an excellent step in the direction of fulfilling her dream to become a writer.  Some books start off with a bang.  Some take their time.  Some make you wonder Hmmmm…

Better Than 8:  Fantasy left me with a big Hmmm … I want more.  The writing is fun and I really enjoyed reading this book.  If I could change anything about this book, I would have added length and provided more depth and delicious yummy erotic scenes for the main characters.  But, that’s just me.  I can just eat that stuff up!

One thing I can definitely appreciate about this book is this … The actual story is a great page turner.  Most erotic novels that I read are wham bam, there you have it … goodnight Ma’am.  This book has a wonderful story with characters that you can relate to.

The character creation is fun and I wonder if the author intends to allow them to progress in other stories.

I’m going to make another post on my blog regarding this book and its author.  I am interviewing Erin Jamison this evening, and I have some questions, hopes and what ifs that I am looking forward to discussing.

I recommend this book to adventurous mature adults only.  Strong yet semi brief sexual M/M and M/M/F content.  I do not advise allowing children or young adults to read this book.  C’mon people … think before you fill their heads with mature content!

~Happy reading!