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REVIEW: Embraced by Darkness – A Riley Jenson Guardian series novel # 5 by Keri Arthur


Perhaps I am in a reading funk.  Perhaps I am not giving Arthur’s last two books a fair chance.

Nonetheless, I shall write my honest opinion.  This book put me to sleep.

Riley Jenson, a Guardian / super non-human cop who is apparently judge, jury and executioner, wiggles her way into … or out of… the fear of commitment to Kellen, an alpha werewolf yadda yadda …

He wants to protect her.  She doesn’t need his protection.  He wants the white picket fence.  She wants to dig her fingers into her flesh to remove that deadly and numbing silver bullet before a monster with a barbed penis comes along and whacks her in more than one way.  Boring?  Believe it or not .. hell yes.

In Embraced by Darkness, Riley is contacted by her pack, the pack that tossed her off the cliff for being a half-breed, the pack that exiled her and her twin brother.  Women are going missing, and for some reason, they have decided to bully her into the investigation by threatening her mother.

Still boring.

The sexual content is almost non-existent .. wtf?  After the first two books in this series, there was promise of entertainment with interesting bestial intimacies between breeds and half breeds.  What can I say?  Rock on.

My original opinion of this series, is that I would rate it at the top of my charts … along with the Anita Blake series.  Well shit … I’ll have to place her books on lower bookshelves and reserve the higher shelf for new favorite authors.

Ok, I hate writing negative reviews… and there have been plenty in the past few months!  That’s wrong on so many levels … bummer.

So, let’s find something positive to say about this book.  The hunter becomes the hunted.  Yup, that’s about it.

I recommend this book to those who intend on reading this series.  I do not recommend immature adults or children getting their hands on this book, as the violence, although brief, is fun-filled with bodies are ripped apart.  The sexual content is vague, brief, and borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring.

~happy reading :p

REVIEW: Dangerous Games – A Riley Jenson Guardian series novel # 4 by Keri Arthur

Ok.  Hmm…

This book bored the everliving shit out of me.  BORED ME!  College classes, midterms, tests, homework … All I wanted was something hot!  Something sizzling .. something that would distract me from the apparently endless number of dense students that attend my college.  But .. no.

When I found this author …this series, I was excited!  I lovelovelove Anita Blake and hot damn this series is similar and just flat-out does it for me.  Unfortunately, every writer has his or her moment and Arthur had hers while writing this book.

Did I mention boring?  Ok, let’s see, shall we?

Plot!  Sexy Riley Jenson, wolf chick who has a thing for Kellen (Alpha werewolf dude) and Quinn (oddly seductive with a side of soul mate vampire).  How can you possible have a paranormal romance series without the inevitable lustful triangle?  To put it simply … You can’t.

Women are being slaughtered, mutilated and raped by some finger devouring demon who somehow manages to brutally kill his victims and dumps their bodies with a shameful yet satisfying smile.

We have the devious and evasive Gautier who … is irritating.  Although there is a tremendous amount of back story for this character, I find him hollow and unworthy of my attentions 🙂

Searching for an archaic dark god who accompanies a three-headed dragon known as death, pain and desperation, Riley finds herself with a sadist (dragon head dude of pain hah) who finds Riley quite appetizing.  *rolls eyes*

There are a few, brief moments of intrigue, but other than that … I suffered my way through this book.

The short conversation below may seem boring, but the progressing relationship between Riley and Sal is hilarious.  Two strong-minded females, one vamp, one werewolf .. It’s downright comical 😉

“For weres, or for vamps who have the hots for their boss?”

“Humans, asshole.  Anything else?”

“Nope.  Such a pleasure talking to you again, Sal.”

“Bite my ass, wolf girl.”

This book displeased me until the last 20%.  With that said, I give this author and the Riley Jenson Guardian series a two thumbs up.  I find it fascinating and I sincerely hope that the next book does not leave me wanting.

I recommend this book to mature adults only.  Totally rockin awesome violence and sadomasochistic sexual and violent content.  Read this series sequentially or it will not make a bit of damn sense.

~happy reading

REVIEW: Tempting Evil – A Riley Jenson Guardian series novel #3 by Keri Arthur

Tempting Evil is pretty morbid.  I loved it!

Infiltrating the grounds as whores and arena fighters, toys for the crossbred freaks with interesting body part accessories, and sexual sadists who apparently enjoy raping women not only when they’re screaming in fear and pain, but also as they are knocked out unconscious.

It’s time!  Riley and Rhoan, along with the other sexy studs and vampires, receive enough intel that they are ready to wiggle into the completely screwed world of a psychohomosexual who apparently enjoy watching women and men being used, abused, and beaten to the point of death, and then screwing them or handing them over to the zoo filled with freaks that were a result of his lab experiments.

I marked this book on goodreads as 3 stars…”I liked it.”

So far, these books are truly entertaining me.  I find myself excited to read more and have managed to continue receiving As in school and still read a book a day .. /cheers

However, this book left me wanting.  The action was incredible, the plot and sexually seductive options and kidnappings are fun and dripping with erotic perversion.  But that’s just it … It was one thing after the next.

“I will shake your hand, but know that if you and your people do not old to your word, I will kill you.”

My grin was nasty.  “And if I get the slightest whiff of a double-cross, believe me that I will kill every fucking one of you.”

Our beloved Quinn makes an interesting appearance and I find myself holding my breath in anticipation of their relationship that is now progressing quite well.  I’m curious as to where it will lead and if it will simply be something adored yet never accomplished.  Bummer …

I do recommend this book to any mature adult who has read the first two books in this series.  If you have not read this series sequentially… you’re screwed.  Just do it …

Extreme violence, unbearably seductive and tantalizing sexual content that borders on sever perversion to outright holy shit and open mouth whoa double takes to make sure what you read was what you read hehe

~happy reading!