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Book of the day … Red by Kait Nolan

I’m super excited about this book.  I’ve been following the wordpress blog for Kait Nolan for some time. 

She’s a really neat lady with fun-filled posts.

As always, on this computer my links just about stink.  Go figure.  As soon as my lap top is returned to me (Hopefully in working and SAFE condition!) I will be able to update all of my posts for this month so that they are blessed with informational linkage ❤

Kait Nolan is a new author for me.  I have yet to read any of her work, but from what I have read on her blog, she may very well be the new and upcoming totally rockin’ awesome author of the year!

http://kaitnolan.com/  Is the link to her blog .. ~ Happy reading!

Good wishes to her, I will let everyone know my opinions on Red.  I expect good things.  Please see below a quick glance into what the world of Red. Continue reading