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REVIEW: Edge of the Moon – A Moon series novel #2 by Rebecca York

Dangerous magic, Undeniable lustful attraction, Demon worshiping psycho and dreams that suck you in and become real.

Edge of the Moon is an interesting novel in the Moon series.  It does not surround the werewolf story, although Ross does take a minor character role in this book.

Jack Thornton, a detective and Ross Marshall’s friend is caught up in an obsessive attraction that at times is overwhelming and at other times unreal.  Meeting the woman who plagues his dreams, he fights her every step of the way.  After the death of his wife three years prior, he struggles with raising his two children, his dedication to his job and now a woman that rips his heart out in the most delicious of ways.

Kathryn Reynolds reports her friend and tenant missing.  Jack Thornton is assigned the case in attempt to find a connection with other unsolved missing persons cases.  The moment she opened the door, a strange phenomenon takes place.  It is as if time stands still and they are caught up in something unknown and peculiar.  Of course, neither admit to the sensations they experienced.  What fun would that be?

Along with the physical awareness came a jolt of pure sexual energy, like nothing he had ever experienced in his life.  Lust at first sight.  It was almost palpable-arching between them like electricity between to contact points.  Dangerous and at the same time so compelling that he would have leaped through a wall of fire to reach this woman if she had been on the other side.

Forced to share erotic dreams, they slowly creep into each other’s heart.  Demon wielding powers, wicked and suffocating entities trying to help Kathryn save Jack, this book is oddly amazing and has a fun twist to your usual paranormal romance plot.

I recommend this book to curious mature adults.  Moderate sexual content with an interesting range of violence.  I do not recommend this book to children or immature and impressionable adults.

~Happy reading!


REVIEW: Dark Moon – A Decorah Security series novel # 1 by Rebecca York

(I am considering this the first novel in the newly introduced Decorah Security spin-off of the Moon series … Until I am told otherwise.)

Dark Moon is a thrilling perversion of shapeshifting fun.  When Ruth told me it was “darker than the others” I was unsure what she meant.  Now I know.

Dark Moon is a spin-off from the usual Moon series.  Dark Moon introduces Cole, one of the Marshall cousins and an employee of Decorah Security.

In Dark Moon, Decorah Security provides assistance a rescue mission for the kidnapped victim, Karen.

Cole and Emma have been fighting their mutual attraction since they set eyes on one another.  Unfortunately, they are both being assigned to rescue a woman who has been taken to a cruise ship that entertains wealthy guests.

His role, the wealthy playboy and hers the temporary girlfriend until found boring … You can imagine how well they work together as they struggle with the lust rolling through them.  Mates denying how they feel?  It makes for an entertaining curveball!

The Windward cruise ship provides the opportunity for any fantasy to be fulfilled.  From historical sexy reenactments, to caged women on display, this book is by far a profoundly twisted turn from York’s regular work.  From consensual fun to rape and murder, Dark Moon is a fun ride of BDSM and survival.

The only thing I wish could be different about this book is a more descriptive and lengthier content for the perversions.  Although the ideas were incredible and by far deliciously tasteful, it would have been nice to experience them with more pages.  But, that’s just me.

I most definitely recommend this book to MATURE adults ONLY!  Severely strong and yummy sexual content and moderately violence although mildly descriptive.  I highly suggest not allowing this book to be read by teenagers or “immature adults” … Seriously people?  Think before you treat your child like an adult.  This book is inappropriate for younger eyes.

~Happy reading!

REVIEW: Killing Moon – A Moon series novel #1 by Rebecca York

The Moon series by Rebecca York is a fantastic shape-shifting paranormal  romance series.

Killing Moon is the first book in this series and is different from other shape-shifters I have read.

Ross Marshall, Private Investigator and werewolf, assists the police force in locating missing persons and more importantly … serial killers involved in those cases.

Doctor Megan Sheridan is a research doctor working for Bio Gen Labs doing mostly genetic testing for clients.  Losing the coin toss, she makes a house call to the one and only Ross Marshall who claims to have a genetic problem and needs her help.

Coming from a pretty brutal family, all female children die at birth as well as some males.  Those males that live will have to face the change during puberty.  Unfortunately, it seems most of them die during that stage.  So there is a high child mortality rate.

Unlike most wolf packs, all of the males in his face are alphas.  There is no one alpha to rule them all so as he calls his father, The Big Bad Wolf, growing up was not easy for him or his brothers.

I’m going to write a passage here from the book, but I don’t want you to think the entire book is this crude.  There are only two very small parts that come across this way and that is ONLY when he remembers his father.  I am only putting it in this review to give you an idea on the earth shattering and needful attraction between the male and his mate.   It also gives you an example of how harsh his father was to his children when they blamed him for the treatment of their mother, her life and all of children she loses.

“You dare to blame me, you shit-head moron?  Wait till it happens to you.  They call it chemistry.”  His father gave a harsh laugh.  “They hardly understand the meaning of the word.  They don’t know the burning need.  The lust.  The pain.  Wait until you’re old enough to start searching for a mate.  When you meet her, you’ll know.  Fucking her once won’t get her out of your system.  Because a wolf mates for life, sonny.”

“The good part is she’ll want to fuck you as much as you want to fuck her.  When you catch her scent, when you touch her, you’ll understand what it’s like for one of us, you sanctimonious bastard.  So if you want to have some fun with the gals, do it now.  ‘Cause when you meet your mate, your cock just won’t go in any other hole.”

This is a wonderful shapeshifter series.  I have always loved werewolf novels ever since my sister thrust me head first into the romance world 🙂

I recommend this book to mature adults only as there is moderate but tasteful sexual content.  I am going to make the violence as moderate due to the serial killer and his toys.  I advise you do not allow your teenager to read this book.  It’s inappropriate.  :p

Now I’m on to Edge of the Moon!

~Happy reading!