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REVIEW: The Darkest Hour – A KGI series novel #1 by Maya Banks

Your wife is alive.  Four simple words that yanked Ethan from his drunken induced self-destruction.

After throwing divorce papers at his wife, she walked out the door and headed to a mercy mission.  Before she could return to give Ethan the chance to reconcile their difference and apologize for his actions, her plane goes down.  All passengers aboard perished.

One year later on the anniversary of her death, Ethan received a package that is filled with classified information on where his wife is being held in captivity.  Being held.  Not dead.  She was alive.

Racing to his brothers, he asks KGI for help.  Rescuing his wife was the easy part.  Struggling with her amnesia was a whole different ball game.  Only remembering Garrett, Ethan’s older brother who he believes had an affair with his wife, Ethan must confront his jealousy and care for his wife.

As memories return to Rachel, Ethan fears what she will remember of their marriage.  Vowing to do whatever it takes to make things right, Ethan and Rachel fall in love all over again.  And then the nightmares started.

Running from political assassins hired to kill the one witness who could destroy everything they have worked for, Rachel and her brothers must figure out how to keep her safe.  Safe from her enemies.  Safe from herself.

Now for my personal opinion.  I did not care for this book at all.  It was unadventurous, repetitious and boring.  Although the military focus brought some excitement, I found myself on an uneventful rollercoaster of drama.  And not in a good way.  Bummer.

I respect and appreciate Maya Banks’ work.  I adore her Sweet series that left me panting.  This series is not doing it for me.  The only reason I am currently reading No Place To Run, the second novel in the KGI series, is because of the characters.

Maya Banks never disappoints you.  She hooks and sinks you into loving every character she creates.

I recommend this book to mature adults only.  Strong sexual content and even stronger descriptive violence.
~Happy reading!

REVIEW: Sweet Possession – Sweet novel #5 by Maya Banks

I have been looking forward to the story for Connor since he was introduced in the first book.

Connor can’t help himself.  He sits around and watches his best friends falling in love and becoming whipped by the women in his life.  His sister and her friends.

He doesn’t understand what the big deal is and couldn’t possibly fathom how they could have fallen so hard.

Working in security, Connor is forced (heheh) by his father, Pop, to work as a bodyguard to a pop diva, Lyrics.  She has a super psycho stalker threatening her and everyone is scrambling to keep her protected.  Can you just imagine some bee bopping high-pitched, tight pants, swinging ass singer arguing with Connor?  HILARIOUS!

There was no way he could do this.  Everything about the woman got on his last nerve, and he hadn’t even met her yet.

Lyric is your typical pop singer.  I’m shaking my head even thinking about it.  Just a quick copy of text below will explain her completely.  She found a cop on the side of the road and this is what she says to him:

“Yes.  You see, I have this crazy person stalking me and I had to hot-wire my BMW because the guy who’s supposed to be my security was being a dick and he has they keys, but I don’t want to be driving around by myself or go back to my hotel room in case the crazy stalker is waiting to kidnap me or make me his sex slave or whatever it is that crazy stalkers do.  So I’d really appreciate it if you could follow me back to my hotel.”

A funny conversation between Connor and Lyrics when they first met:

A small smile curved the corners of her mouth upward.  “I won’t lie to you.  I’m used to doing things my way.”

“We don’t have to get along for this to work, but you have to listen to what I tell you.  Every word.  And you have to follow directions.”

She made a rude noise under her breath.  “Just stay out of my way as much as possible.”


She glanced sideways and appraised him with a seeking stare.  “I think  I like that you’re not kissing my ass.”

“It’s not your ass I want to kiss.”

And I just can’t help myself! .. The conversation below had me in hysterics:

“And it’s not like a guy gets a girl pregnant by himself.  There’s definitely some cooperation on the egg’s part.”

“Oh huh-uh.  The boy sperm chases down the girl egg and throws himself on her.”

“More like the girl egg crooks her finger and then when the poor unsuspecting sperm comes near, she sucks him in.”

All in all, a super funny book that is filled with vanilla lustful sexy scenes.

I recommend this book to ADULTS ONLY.  This is a pretty direct and “normal” erotica so if you’re interested, please by all means read the series from the beginning.  Sweet Surrender is the first book of the Sweet series.

Line of the book:

Fuck a goddamn duck.

REVIEW: Sweet Temptation – A Sweet series novel # 4 by Maya Banks

This book was intense!  INTENSE!  The entire book was heart shattering, blood gushing, skin tingling erotic.

Sweet Temptation is a story about Micah and Angelina.

This book is filled with mystery.  Despair.  Doubt.  Betrayal.  And I loved every second of it.

Micah has been a free-spirited and sexual charged character in all of the prior books.  He is funny, sexy, and adores the female body.  A total man whore to say the least.

Micah has been running from the grief of his best friend, David and his wife, Hannah’s deaths.

Fighting against his attraction (notice a pattern here? heh) for Angelina, a tempting and lust filled sexual deviant like himself, he offers her the only thing he can control.  Sex.  No strings.  No feelings.  Nothing but sex to be used and abused.

Angelina, David’s little sister, not so little now, throws herself into Micah’s life.  She’s not the only one running from demons.  Angelina runs away, hidden, trying to free herself from a dangerous stalker.

The House is her playground and the moment Micah sees her, he wanted her with all the throbbing blood rushing to his groin.

As they both share similar kinks, Micah shares her with his friends.  The relationships are pretty damned brutal, actually.  There were times when I would stop reading and just stare at my kindle in awe.  Like .. “Seriously?  Holy fkn shit!  I can’t even imagine…” but then again .. One must persevere heh

She turned to look over her shoulder.  “I don’t get to make the choices,” she said quietly.  “I belong to Micah.  He gave me to you for the night.  If I disobey you, if I challenge you, if I tell you no, then I tell him all those things.  I disrespect him.  And I love him more than life.”

I recommend this book to people who .. well I do NOT recommend this book to people who are closed-minded with their eyes so tightly shut that they can’t see the clouds above them.  I do recommend this book to anyone that has appreciated the books in this series prior to this one.  This book is for ADULTS ONLY!

Extremely brutal sexual content.  Like .. WHOA worthy.  Whoa doesn’t even cover it.  Most of the violence in this book is consensual, but that doesn’t make it any less thrilling.

Line of the book:

“It’s generally known that men are worthless human beings around female tears,” Gray said from across the room.

~Happy reading!