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REVIEW: Burning Wild – A Leopard series novel # 3 by Christine Feehan

Bad guys.  Sexual heat.  Mating rights.  Extreme child abuse.  Manipluation.  Revenge.

A Leopard shapeshifting novel by Christine Feehan.  This novel takes place outside of the rainforest.

Although the story is adventurous and demanding, it takes off on a slow incline that becomes well worth the read.

Jake Bannaconni was severely abused as a child, both psychologically and physically.  Just reading about his childhood sent shivers up my spine and rage boiling through my veins.  The abuse, regardless of it’s use for backstory, just ripped my heart to shreds.

Escaping his family, Jake became a millionaire overnight and worked hard into his 30s to become a billionaire.  Add to that, he hides the fact that he can shapeshift, something he has hidden from his family since he was a defenseless child.

Used and deceived, a woman tricks him into pregnancy.

Emma Reynolds loves and adores her husband.  Before she is able to hit him with the exciting news that she was pregnant, everything in her life changed drastically.  The love of her life was taken from her.

A tragic accident takes place that leaves both Jake and Emma in need of each other.

As manipulations go, Jake does a doozy on Emma.  Tricking her to admitting her need for him, they end up living together.

I recommend this book to mature adults only.  Although this is a paranormal romance book, please do not let your children or young adults read it.  Seriously?  Think people.  Extreme child abuse, sexual content, revenge and violence with a bit of aggressive rape standoffs.  Nothing like having a female leopard in heat.

~happy reading!