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A Post on Aching

Hello lovies!

I published a book at the beginning of the year. It is titled, Wicked Hope. I originally published this book under a different pseudonym because … well … I didn’t want its atrocities to taint this pseudonym. I have changed my mind! I have decided that I will continue to publish all erotic romance, paranormal romance and erotic horror under the name of Tilly Slaton.

With that said! Friends and family, I would very much prefer if you did not read any post pertaining to Wicked Hope. It is merely a book, a story, nothing more, and I do not wish to undergo your scrutiny or judgement.

Basically .. If you choose to disregard my request and forewarning, then you will just have to deal with your disgust in silence. I do not wish to hear anything about your thoughts on the book … Whatsoever.

Ok, here is a post I made on another site, the one containing posts from the other pseudonym.

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