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REVIEW: Reinventing Jane Porter – A Jane Porter series #3 by Dominque Adair

Reinventing Jane Porter is the third installment in the Jane Porter series by Dominique Adair.

I really appreciate the way this author writes.  Her words flow nicely and her descriptions leave you wondering what the character is experiencing.

The Jane Porter series is fun.  The first book grabbed ahold of me until I was consumed.  The back-story is amazing and I could not wait for more.  Unfortunately, the second book, Educating Jane Porter, was a total bummer.  I was extremely disappointed in the 30 some odd minutes it took to read it.

This series is about a woman named Jane Porter.  Betrayed by a former bastard of a master, Peter, she found herself suffering through two years of celibacy.  Wow, right?

Her best friend, Lily was her partner is an event planning business.  Organizing the birthday party for Antonio would help put them on the board.  A seductive scene awaits her, she decides to end her celibacy and hopes to find a temporary lover.

Yadda yadda, she meets Antonio.  He’s this sexy stud muffin (aren’t they all? heh) who sweeps her off of her feet and gives her a night of the best mind-blowing sex ever.  Things become even more intensely delicious when Antonio introduces her to Santos, his friend and partner is shared sexual interactions.

BDSM displays, slave auctions, Peter making an appearance, this book is filled with adventure, fun, jealousy and envy.

One thing that somewhat frustrated me, was the lapse in relationship progression.  One moment, Jane meets Santos.  The next, she cares for him and they share an intimate and sweetly respectful relationship.  One sex scene between them and then WHAM! .. It progresses and skips an entire day of hello there, where did the sex go?

This book ends better than most erotics.  I am looking forward to reading the fourth installment, Hot for Teacher.  There is mention of a book surround the relationship between Lily and her handsome Frenchman.  If it has been released, I have been unable to locate it.

I recommend this book to those reading this series.  This series is for mature adults ONLY.  Extreme sexual content, off the wall not for the faint of heart, this book ventures into the world of “alternative lifestyle” and should not be read for the prudish soccer moms.  Or, perhaps, those soccer moms need a break from their boring reality? 😉 lol ..

~Happy reading!


Book of the day .. Educating Jane Porter – A Jane Porter series # 2 by Dominque Adair

I finally have Educating Jane Porter which is the second book from the Jane Porter series.

The first book, Seducing Jane Porter, can be found on amazon for FREE!  A MUST READ!


Dominance, submission and all sorts of interesting BDSM bits .. this book will most certainly not appeal to the prudish faint of heart…unless of course deep down you’re a curious little bunny 🙂 hehehe

Hmm .. I cannot find an excerpt link that is working properly.  Here is a short bit…

throwing a kink—or two—in her plans…

A Jane Porter story.

Last night Jane met the Master of her dreams…

Tall, dark and very Spanish, Antonio Villareal is a lover unlike any Jane has ever known—undeniably sexy and more than willing to help her explore her submissive side. To find a master who’s a natural dominant is one thing. But kind and considerate, as well? She can hardly believe her good fortune.

Antonio is well aware that Jane is determined to keep their sexual relationship temporary. But he has a different plan in mind.

In the morning he introduces her to his best friend…

Warning: This book contains copious amounts of champagne, kinky under-the-table hi-jinks, a ménage to die for, voyeurism and angry shower sex. What more could you want?

Read Seducing Jane Porter BEFORE reading this one 🙂