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REVIEW: Ceremony in Death – An In Death series novel # 5 by J.D. Robb

As much as I appreciate a good paranormal book, this book left me suffering.

Surrounded by witches, good and evil, Eve betrays a dear friend and puts the job first.

This book really hits home with Eve.  A suspect is the son of a serious psycho serial killer and rapist who worshipped satan.  The father raped and beat his own son.  Blinded by her emotions, Eve wishes and hopes that the man is innocent, even if all of the evidence points his way.

Ritual killings, orgies and the mysterious unknown witchcraft, Eve is the primary on this case and leads her aide and others with skeptical sarcasm.

He watched her work before, studied and admired the efficient, concentrated field she created around the dead.  Roarke wondered if she fully understood why she did it, or how she could, while examining a lifeless, violently dispatched body with such clear-cut objectivity, see through the pity that haunted her eyes.

He’d never asked her.  He doubted he ever would.

I honestly did not care much for this book.  It was a bit boring to me.

I recommend this book to mature adults.  Strong sexual content.  Strong and intriguing violence.  Sex and dismemberment.  Although others may find this book extremely entertaining, I am recommending this book only to those who are reading the In Death series.  I mean .. why bother?

Line of the book:

“…my narcissism is balanced by a generous heart.”

~Happy reading!

REVIEW: Rapture – An In Death series novel # 4 by J.D. Robb

I really loved this book!  Knocked it out in little less than a day .. and have the next book queued up and ready to go once this review is complete.  Yay me!

Hmm.  How to write one of my reviews and not spoil this book. *thinks*

Roarke and Eve’s honeymoon is cut short by the “self-termination” of one of Roarke’s employees.  Mavis catches a break in show business.  Odd suicides nudge at Eve, leaving her the only one to believe that there is indeed a connection.

Roarke adores Mavis.  She is Eve’s best friend, a loved one to cherish.  Hosting parties, exploring investment possibilities, Roarke really will keep you smiling in this book.

Mood altering music and virtual games.  Roarke and Eve find themselves in a more than usual explosive sexual climax.  I couldn’t help but laugh at their attempted struggle to behave in public.

They tore at clothes, fighting to find each other in the narrow confines of the car.  She bit his shoulder, yanked his trousers open.  He was cursing, she was laughing, when he dragged her out of the car.  They fell on the grass in a tangle of limbs and twisted clothing.

This is by far my favorite book of this series so far.  Keep in mind, this is the fourth book 🙂  This is my first time through the In Death series.  SO, time will tell!

Eve is torn between two doctors; a psychologist and a physiologist.  Needing answers and results to report to her Commander, Eve steps on sensitive toes to get what she wants.

“Women are so much more courageous and more vicious than men, all in all.  Don’t you agree?”

“No.  I think courage and viciousness have no gender.”

I recommend this book to .. well .. all mature adults.  Moderate to semi extreme sexual content (I really should start using a 1-10 system heh).  The violence is mild, excluding the descriptive murder scenes and suicide.  Ok, perhaps all in all I should say “moderate” but .. I won’t 😉

Line of the book:

“….You just pounded yourself into me with all the finesse of a sweaty celibate breaking fast with a rented sex droid.”

REVIEW: Immortal in Death – An In Death series novel # 2 by J.D. Robb

My mother in law visited this week.  It took me awhile to finish this book.  Even if she had not visited, I am pretty sure it would have taken me awhile regardless.  320 pages and it seemed as long as Acheron!

Mavis gets into a heap of trouble in this book.  In love with a soon to be totally rockin’ awesome designer, Mavis is head to toe gag worthy mushy with her new man.  Caught covered in blood, fingerprints on the weapon and a whopper of a motive, she’s screwed.  Eve becomes primary and as always, becomes obsessed and mostly blind to the rest of the world as it whizzes by.  Time is against her (how poetic sniff) as she tries to locate the murder suspect or suspects so that the charges against Mavis will be dropped.

Eve describing Roarke:

He was entirely too attractive, she thought.  Criminally so.  The strong face, poet’s mouth, killer blue eyes.  The wizard’s mane of thick black hair.  If you managed to get past the face to the body, it was equally impressive.  Then you added that faint wisp of Ireland in the voice, and, well, you had one hell of a package.

Eve talking about Pandora:

“And this woman bursts in, all but drooling at the mouth.  A jaw dropper-close to six foot, thin as a laser beam, about a yard of red hair and a face…well, I’ll use magnolias again.  She’s screaming at him, and this big bull of a guy cowers back, so she jumps me and I had to flatten her.”

“You hit her.”

“Well, yeah, before she sliced my face with those knifepoint nails of hers.

“Darling Eve.” … “What is it about you that draws the beast out of people?”

Thrown into joining forces with Illegals, Eve and Caste must work together.  You can just imagine how well that worked out, eh?  A charming man with a killer smile who enjoys diddling “DeeDee” on the side, pokes his head into Eve’s business and flat-out bugs the hell out of her.

Eve to Caste:

“So noted,” she said briskly.  “Now, go file your interdepartmental complaint, take a walk, or blow it out your ass, but get out of my face.”

The relationship between Eve and Peabody progressed really well in this book.  My mother told me that Peabody becomes a fun character.  I did not believe her 🙂  After reading this book, she may just be a sedate Lula in the making!

Peabody toasting Eve at her bachelorette party:

“To the best fucking cop in the whole stinking city, who’s gonna marry the sexiest sumbitch I, personally, have ever laid eyes on, and who, because she’s so goddamn smart, has seen to it that I’m perman’ly attached to Homicide.  Which is where any half-blind asshole could tell you I belong.  So there.”  She downed the rest of her drink, fell backward into her chair and grinned foolishly.

“Peabody,” Eve said and flicked a finger under her eyes.”  I’ve never been more touched.”

Illegal drugs.  Mavis in jail for murder.  Bitchy models.  Roarke and Eve’s wedding.  This book is filled with a lot of fun, although in my opinion, it dragged.  Something like a car wreck, slow motion but you just can’t look away o.O

Line of the book:

“I’ve got to find a table dancer with a big dick and a tattoo.”

I recommend this book to anyone reading this series.  It does not necessarily need to be read in sequence, but I advise it.  There is a ton of back story that will leave you intrigued!  Some mildish sexual content.  Pretty bloody descriptive violence.  I do not recommend this book to children or immature adults 🙂

~Happy reading!