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REVIEW: Hogg by Samuel R. Delany

The most depraved, disgusting, brilliantly sickening perversion I have ever read.

Before I begin my review, I would like to quickly share some information to those with closed minds with possibly limited understanding of the literal or alternative definitions of words in the English language.

Try to open your mind just a wee bit and understand that there are words in which we have given a specific value or definition.  For example, Skinny versus scrawny; although they have similar meanings, we as a society see skinny as beautiful and acceptable, whereas scrawny is sickening skinny and ugly.

Every word has alternative, literal definitions.  Keep in mind that regardless of whether you place a positive or negative note and feeling to the word, it is simply just that; a word choice.  Get over it.

Ok! .. I shall rant and rave and begin… My apologies for the unorganized review … But I just want to get the damned thing over with.

SIDENOTE:  Please, please, please, please! … Read this review in its entirety before assuming that this is just another book with mild forms of entertainment of perversion .. this is not a simple “they are raping her in the next room” book .. this is an erotic novel with constant descriptions of murder, homosexuality, child molestation, incest, coprophilia, coprophagia, urolagnia, sodomy, necrophilia and rape.  If you don’t understand the warning above, grab a dictionary.

Hogg is by far the most incredible, the most amazing, the most erotically perverted and disgustingly abhorrent book I have *ever* read … and by *ever* .. I mean that in its most literal sense.

The first line of this book:

When I was eleven, I used to suck off a kid named Pedro behind the bottom landing of the stairs that went to the basement.

This book is written in first person by an eleven year old boy.

I have made a tremendous amount of notes that I had every intention of including in this review; then I realized … there is no way in HELL I could ever include those notes.  Although they are extremely pertinent and important to parts of the story, they are downright graphic and puke worthy.

Unfortunately, below is one of the mildest of the notes I have prepared for you.  A woman, who was being raped by a gang of hired serial rapists, fought back and managed to cut the man who has a fetish with knives.

He smiled.  “You cut me, lady…” He licked his bloody palm.  “You cut me, lady, and I’m going to cut you now.”  His other hand brought the knife out of his pocket.  “I’m going to cut a hole in your belly and f*** it, lady.  I’m going to cut your leg up like a Virginia ham and fry the slices for lunch.  I’m gonna hack out a piece of your gut, poke out the shit, and wear it for a ring…”

Hogg is a disgusting man who falls in love with the eleven year old boy who is telling the story.  Here is his rambling logic about how it is acceptable for him to screw an eleven year old boy, rape women for money and his attempt to have others see that all of the socially unacceptable (talk about using a mild phrase for something so ungodly) is really “OK” and that “IT IS WHAT IT IS” and that we “ALL WANT IT BUT WON’T SEE IT’S OK” …

“You know what I think, Ray-?” That was Hogg again.  Him and the bartender were ambling around the crowding bikers. “I think I ain’t never met a normal, I mean normal, man who wasn’t crazy!  Loon crazy, takem ‘em off and put ‘em away crazy, which is what they would do if there wasn’t so many of them.  Every normal man-I mean sexually normal, now-man I ever met figures the whole thing runs between two points: What he wants, and what he thinks should be.  Every thought in his head is directed to fixing a rule-straight line between them, and he calls that line What Is.” ….

“I mean it, now: I think about things like that.  And thinkin’ about it, I think I got it figured out.  That’s what a normal man thinks is reality.  On the other hand, every faggot or panty-sucker, or whip jockey, or SM freak, or baby-fu*ker, or even a motherfuc*er like me, we know-“ and his hands came down like he was pushing something away: “We know, man, that there is what we want, there is what should be, and there is what is: and don’t none of them got anything to do with each other unless-“…”unless we make it,” Hogg went on…

I am going to exclude my personal (Have I really managed that?) views and judgments (of the depravity in which you will undoubtedly read …) from this review and leave you with this:

There is absolutely nothing simple about this book.  It is in length and by far the most outstanding (don’t assume the positive twist of meaning…) book I have ever read.  If you are interested in reading a book that quite frankly will be incredibly memorable, a book of perversions brought to life .. this book is for you.

With that said:

( I have never said this …)

I do not recommend this book to anyone with a weak stomach, to anyone who would not wish to become enraged with remorse, to anyone who refuses to see that there are certain aspects in our world that we turn a blind eye to, and to anyone who does not wish to live alongside a worthless (get over my word choice .. it’s quite appropriate I assure you) eleven-year-old boy who is passed around a world that is filled with toes drowning in jam, asses oozing with slime beckoning attention.

I wish I had never read this book…

But it’s one hell of an eye opener.

I do not hope for happy reading… My last bit of advice:

If you so choose to experience Hogg, keep a trash can nearby for those paragraphs that will quite possibly make you puke.

BOOK for TOMORROW: Hogg by Samuel Delany

Ok!  This book of the day is going to make a lot of you people go WTF?!

Get over it … A friend is excited about this book and well .. I just can’t help myself!  I’m currently working through the third novel in the Riley Jenson Guardian series .. I’ll be done with that tomorrow morning / afternoon and will read Hogg .. woo hoo .. weird shit I tell you!

Here is a partial review:

“…is a thug, a “rape artist” and terrorizer for hire, with inclinations more homosexual than heterosexual. Hogg may very well be the most vile, disgusting personality to emerge from contemporary American fiction: he never bathes or changes clothes, urinates and defecates in his pants, eats his own various bodily excrete, drinks a lot of beer and eats plenty of pizza to “maintain” his large gut–he has worms and likes it–and enjoys bringing suffering to others, male or female, mostly for pay but sometimes for his own delectation. Yet he is also fascinating: the embodiment of what our society can turn people into, the decaying condition of the human soul.”

Taken from Amazon:

From Publishers Weekly

Hugo-and Nebula Award-winner Delany?whose early books were fascinating but whose recent efforts have grown increasingly obtuse?has been trying to get this pornographic novel published since 1973. The main narrator here is an 11-year-old boy who joins up with a raping, murdering pederast named Hogg. Coprophiliac Hogg violates women for pay. He enlists the help of other pedophiliac murdering rapists?Nigg, Dago and Denny?and the group sets off to perform acts of hideous violence. After the attacks, a biker friend of Hogg’s sells the boy into sexual slavery to dockyard slum resident Big Sambo, who keeps his 12-year-old daughter for prostitution and his own perversions. The traumatized little girl is gang-raped by Hogg’s crew as well. Meanwhile, teenaged Denny goes on an insane mutilating and mass-murder spree, eludes the police and finally returns to Hogg and the hopelessly confused narrator, who has been “rescued” after Hogg murders Big Sambo. Gang-rape attacks and criminal sex orgies are detailed at excruciating length, with photographic realism. This potent emetic is all the more disturbing for want of modulators of honest outrage. In other works, Delany has examined the role of the criminal within society; with Hogg, he apparently was content merely to inhabit the criminal mind without exploring it.

Taken from Wiki:

Hogg is a novel by Samuel R. Delany, often described as pornographic.[1] It was written in San Francisco in 1969 and completed just days before the Stonewall Riots in New York City. A further draft was completed in 1973 in London. At the time it was written, no one would publish it due to its graphic and copious descriptions of murder, homosexuality, child molestation, incest, coprophilia, coprophagia, urolagnia, anal-oral contact, necrophilia and rape. Hogg was finally published – with some further, though relatively minor, rewrites – in 1995 by Black Ice Books. The two successive editions have featured some correction, the last of which, published by Fiction Collective 2 in 2004, carries a note at the end stating that it is definitive.