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REVIEW: The Hunters; Jonathan and Lori – A Hunters series novel # 4 by Shiloh Walker

I have been avoiding this review.

Although the story behind Jonathan and Lori is quite more adventurous and intriguing than the previous book, I still had to force myself to finish it.

Jonathan’s character is wallowing in its misconception that he is dark and evil and unworthy.  This of course leaves him having sex with other women in attempt to hurt Lori and push her aside.  He loves her, but he cannot allow himself to have her.


There have been books where this concept thrills me to the core!  This is not one of them.

Lori is the younger sister and a healing witch.  Everyone perceives her as innocent, dainty and fragile.  Can you imagine how irritating that can get?  I’m happy how her character progresses as people piss her off.  It’s basically a, “I’m not strong enough  Well, fuck you all; watch this!”

Running and hunting from some ancient, secret hunting party, The Scythe, Jonathan and Lori must race against time (so cliché baby) to save young Erica, Jonathan’s adopted daughter.

I only recommend this book to bored mature adults.  You do not need to read this book in sequence with the series.  It is not important enough to bother unless you’re like me and have to read 1..2..3..4.

Strong yet brief and disappointing sexual content.  Strong violence and blood gushing frenzy.

~happy reading

REVIEW: The Hunters: Eli and Sarel – A Hunters series novel # 2 by Shiloh Walker

Positively outstanding!  Heartbreaking.  All-consuming jealousy.  Misunderstandings.  Assassinations.  Sexy love triangles.

The Hunters series by Shiloh Walker is amazing!  If you are a Laurell K. Hamilton; Anita Blake fan, this is the series for you!

Eli is an old vampire who is falling in love with Tori, his best friend’s mate.  Sharing a sexual and loving relationship, the trio have a special bond that links them together in pleasure and pain.

Being hunter by a witch, Eli is incautious and finds himself trapped in more ways than one.  Locked in a dreamlike world with a trusted friend and the woman who tried to kill him, he is yanked from one state of mind to the next.

Thanks to the bond, Tori and Declan are made aware of a dire injury that Eli sustains.

Sarel has been grieving, mourning and raging ever since her mother and little sister were slaughtered by the vampire she hunts.  Being a strong witch, she is able to perform a blood spell that will surely kill the person it is aimed at.

Denied love.  Betrayed feelings.  Sarel is sent away.  Far away for five long years.

This book is amazing and I would like to thank Erin Jamison for recommending this author to me.  Two books into the series and I know that Shiloh Walker will become one of me new favorite authors.

Filled with extremely descriptive sexual content.  Threesomes, sodomy, jealousy and rage.   Eli and Sarel’s story will most definitely not leave you wanting.

I recommend this book to mature adults only.  As I said above, extreme sexual content.  Moderate violence.  This is a paranormal erotica book, so please people … use your brains before allowing your young adult to brave the world of The Hunters.

~happy reading!