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REPOST: REVIEW: One for the Money – A Stephanie Plum series novel #1 by Janet Evanovich

One for the Money is a wonderful book!  (MOVIE BEING RELEASED TOMORROW!!!)

I have always read psycho-thrillers, romance, paranormal romance etc.  My momma told me, “You have to read Evanovich!  You’ll laugh so hard!”

So, I did.

Stephanie Plum is a super cool character.  She’s like any regular woman in the world, a fun personality shaped with a loving family, embarrassing moments and some bitter days.  She lost her job.  Her car was repossessed.  She was forced to resort to accepting a job with her cousin Vinnie.

A bounty hunter!  She isn’t quite sure where to start.  Her nerves are a little jittery and she doesn’t really have a clue what she’s doing.  Talk about a blast!

Joe Morelli is a charming, sexy man from her past.  Playing tunnels and trains when they were 6 and then taking her virginity at age 16 behind the pastry counter.  Years afterwards, Stephanie saw him walking down a sidewalk and hopped the curb with her car and bounced him off the hood.  Bonus!  Pay backs rock!

Stephanie’s first day on the job, her first FTA, failure to appear, is Joe Morelli himself!  Hilarious.  The relationship is fiery.  He’s a cop trying to prove his innocence of the murder charges against him.  She’s a bounty hunter, a woman from his past, and she is relentless.

Grandma Mazur is one of neatest characters I’ve ever read.  Imagine your grandma, holding your gun at the dinner table.  She’s all excited about you becoming a bounty hunter.  She gets your gun to show it off to your family and the man they are trying to set you up with.  Somehow, she loads the gun and BAM!  She shoots the cooked chicken sitting in the middle of the table!

Several dangerous bumps in the road.  Although I love heart pounding dramatic moments, there are a few scenes in this book that were worthy of “covering my eyes during a really scary part during a movie.”  The details become very gruesome and I wasn’t sure if I was going to bother reading the second book.

In the end, the unpredictable ending, the revenge that is taken, the justice that rips through the bad guys was awe-inspiring.

I have read this series before.  I do recommend this book and series to anyone that needs a laugh.  The second book, Two for the Dough is off the charts better than the first.  If One for the Money doesn’t make you run for Two for the Dough, just take a deep breath and read the second one.

The relationships that are formed are so funny.  I was sitting on the couch and I couldn’t stop laughing.  My chest burned for air while my family stared at me wondering what was happening.  Two for the Dough is beyond hilarious.  If you are trying to read and others are sleeping, move as far away from them as possible.  Your laughter will shatter their sleep :)

This book should not be read by children or immature young adults.

REVIEW: Wicked Games by Jill Myles


I picked up Wicked Games as more of a joke book.  I needed something to fill some time and I really didn’t care what it was.

With that said, the first 35% of this book had me laughing so hard, that the people around me became annoyed.  Bully for them!

There will be several highlights from the book in this review.  All worthy, I assure you 🙂

This is an erotica / romance book that has plowed head first into a series of Survivor.  Now, I’m not a big fan of that show.  I don’t like politics.  I don’t like manipulation.  I just don’t like any of it.  So, when I realized what this book was going to be about, I totally frowned.  If I open a book, I must finish.  So I’m frowning and whining to myself, when I find myself laughing hysterically.

I have read a lot of books (Shocker, right?), this one took my by surprise.  I expected dirty, sandy sex.  I expected anger and resentment.  I expected the politics and manipulation.  What I didn’t expect, was the comedy.

Anger, lust, romance, deception, sex .. All wrapped into one beautifully packaged story.


You know, it’s funny.  All the other girls on the island look like they’d love to spend a few days alone with me.  Abby looks at me as if she’d like to take my axe and gut me like a fish.  Weirdest chick I’ve ever met.  Decent swimmer, though.  Let’s hope she doesn’t totally blow it during the challenges. — Dean Woodall, Day 2.

One of the first challenges between the teams (Teams made up of two), was for Abby and Dean to work together to paint some flags.  One person blind folded.  The other instructing.  That went over real well.  Heh not.  Take a few days of frustrating scowling and toss them into a clueless leading the blind challenge.  What do you get?  Tears of laughter!

“I can’t draw if you don’t tell me–” 


I threw down my brush, grabbed the closest pot of paint, and lobbed it over the table at my partner.  I didn’t hear it connect, so I grabbed the next one, and the next one, and heard the satisfying thwacks as they hit Dean (I hoped).

I ripped off my blindfold and glared at my partner.  Mister Perfect Jock was covered in yellow and red paint – quickly dripping to orange.  A streak of blue covered half the table and our flag looked as if the paint had thrown up on it.  He was glaring at me with utter disgust.

“If you yell at me again,” I screamed back, “I’m going to shove that fucking brush down your throat.  Understand?”  (Abby)

I have some other highlights, but they fall a little too much into the spoiler category!  So not happening.

I love this book.  I do.  I recommend this book to ADULTS ONLY.  There is little to no violence (With few lovely paint scenes heh).  The sexual content is tasty moderate.

I have a “Line of the Book” highlighted, but I don’t want to post it.  It’s beautiful and totally rocking awesome!  It is a spoiler and I just can’t do that to you.

~Happy reading!

Most Hilarious Stephanie Plum Scene EVER!

“Oh shit,” Lula said.  And Lula started running for the car, knees up, arms pumping.

I was two steps in front of her, running for all I was worth.  I could hear the dogs round the corner.  I turned to look, and I saw them galloping after us, eyes wild, mouths open, tongues and ears catching wind.  They w ere closing ground fast, the biggest of them in the lead.

Lula let out a shriek.  “Lord help me!”

I guess the Lord was listening because they ran past Lula and took me down.  The first dog hit me square in the back, sending me to my knees.  Not a good position to be in when you’re attacked by a pack of humpers.  I tried to regain my footing, but the dogs were on me, and I couldn’t get up.  I had humpers on both legs, and a bulldog that looked like Winston Churchill humping my head.

There was a humpers on a humper.

“Keep going.  Save yourself!” I yelled to Lula.  “Tell my mother I love her.”

“Get up!” Lula yelled at me.  “You gotta get up!  Those dogs’ll hump you to death.”

She was right.  The pack was vicious.  It was a humping frenzy.

Dogs in inferior humping positions were snarling and nipping, jockeying for better locations.  The leg humpers held tight, grimly determined to finish the job, but the head humper kept losing his grip.  The head humper was drooling and panting hot dog breath in my face.  He’d hump some and slide off, and then he’d come scrambling back, trying to hump again.

“I can’t get up!” I said.  I’ve got seven humping dogs on me.  Seven.  “Do something!”

Lula was running around, hands in the air.  “I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know what to do.”

“Get the dog off my head,” I yelled.  “I don’t care about the leg humpers.  Just get the dog off my head!”

“Maybe you should let them have their way with you,” Lula said.  “They’ll go away as soon as they’re done  That’s the way it is with male humping.”

“Maybe you should goddamn grab this horny humping bulldog and get him the hell off my freaking head!”