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10 Things I About Me…

Good morning, my lovelies 🙂

Below is a list of things that I really dislike about little ole me …

  1. I’m too quick at making assumptions.  They are usually the wrong assumptions too.  I tend to misread situations that have the potential to be damaging to relationships.
  2. I push away those I love when I’m really in need of them.  What can I say?  I tend to internalize problems.
  3. I have an endless amount of guilt. I will often take the world upon my shoulders and feel guilty for things that I cannot change, that I should not feel guilty for and / or to place blame on myself for assholes actions toward me.
  4. I hold grudges.  I’m not talking about your average grudge.  I’m talking about grudges that came to pass decades ago.  If I came across Maria or Melissa, I would probably sneer at them 🙂
  5. I procrastinate.  Oh ya.  Enough said.

Below you will find a list of things that I like about little ole me 🙂

  1. I am brutally honest. Sometimes too honest .. it becomes a fault.  But you know what?  I am honest and those who know me and need an honest answer .. they know they will get it from me.  Don’t ask for an answer that you’re hoping I will lie.
  2. I am a loyal friend.  I will do anything for my friends and loved ones.
  3. I give people three chances. It doesn’t matter if you’re a possible new friend or if I’ve known you for years.  You have three chances with me.  Fuck up three times … Chances of the holygrudgebatman! comes to light.
  4. I have recently found the strength to take a deep breath and divorce my husband.  I’ve lived with him for fifteen years.  It’s time to move forward, and although I am no longer financially stable, my daughter and I are very happy and ready to move forward.
  5. I’m smart.  Regardless of being told I’m an idiot for years, I have returned to college, and I currently hold a 4.0 GPA.. Oh ya .. suck it. xox

I am going to try to post little personal tidbits once a day.  I think it’s fun and important to have an intimate relationship with friends and fans 😉