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Wicked Hope

Originally, this book was published under another pseudonym, but I decided to meld them together, regardless of the inevitable judgemental glares.

So, for the next few days, I am going to post chapters of this book. Read at your own risk. I will not warn you again, and when you decide that the thought of my writing such .. “a thing” sickens you .. Well then, my darlings .. That’s what you get for not heeding the warning! ❤

For today’s post, I am going to let everyone read the Acknowledgement and Dedication pages 🙂


I would like to thank Lover Mine for always being there to nudge me along when I procrastinated. Thank you for all of your help and ideas during the creation of Wicked Hope. I also want to thank you for participating in the editing process, which undoubtedly was exasperating.


I dedicate this book to my Sweet Stuff. She is lightning. She is the wind. She is everything as free as love and as fierce as nature. No matter how strange I become or how crazy things get, I know you will always be there to help me see the rational side of things. You are my calming breath, my sincerest smiles … You are my friend, and I adore you with every beat of my heart.

I welcome all feedback. Every. Last. Word.

Happy reading!


A Post on Aching

Hello lovies!

I published a book at the beginning of the year. It is titled, Wicked Hope. I originally published this book under a different pseudonym because … well … I didn’t want its atrocities to taint this pseudonym. I have changed my mind! I have decided that I will continue to publish all erotic romance, paranormal romance and erotic horror under the name of Tilly Slaton.

With that said! Friends and family, I would very much prefer if you did not read any post pertaining to Wicked Hope. It is merely a book, a story, nothing more, and I do not wish to undergo your scrutiny or judgement.

Basically .. If you choose to disregard my request and forewarning, then you will just have to deal with your disgust in silence. I do not wish to hear anything about your thoughts on the book … Whatsoever.

Ok, here is a post I made on another site, the one containing posts from the other pseudonym.

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Coming soon: Wicked Hope – Synopsis

Hello lovies!

I just completed the first novel in the Wicked Series. Although Wicked Hope may appear misleading, this series is a zombie mutation series, which was created specifically for my darling friend, Sweet Stuff.

I will receive the physical proofs within a week or two. Estimated publication date is September 30, 2015!


As scientists struggle to create a cure that has threatened mankind’s survival, compounds are built to house their experiments … their atrocities. Unfortunately, power and arrogance eventually taint good intentions, and humans find themselves facing a tragic reality: to the scientists, the ends justify the means; to the victimized cattle within, brutalities and starvation. In the end, the raw, basic needs of man must be sated.

Sally is uncertain whether or not she has the courage to survive, to live another day, or if she can find the unequivocal valor to embrace death itself. Sebastian, a young boy who is held captive in her room, endures the worst of all fathomable, pedophilic perversions, which provides Sally with just the means to find the voice once silenced by fear and suffering. Sally realizes she will do almost anything to protect the boy, even live to wake another day of hell.