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Wicked Hope – Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Regardless of how they rearranged the rooms, which was strange enough as is, they still held the tragic familiarity of the constant rape that took place there. A cattle trough, which was filled with water, occupied the center of the room. A small part of my heart fluttered at the thought of taking a bath, at having the opportunity to rinse off some of the grime and bodily fluids that encrusted my skin.

The scientist, who I assumed was in charge based on his authoritative commands, must have observed the brief, lighthearted and momentary joyous expression because he beamed with amusement. Asshole.

“Ah, I see we have found another temptation for you. It was, as usual, my pleasure to figure out what entices you to be more malleable. Place her here.” His hand motioned to the floor in front of cattle trough, and I could see the glint of excitement as he spoke.

I loathed everything about the man, and his mousy voice grated my damn nerves. He stood before us. The smile on his face was arrogant, and the apparent brilliance lurked behind his eyes. With a gentle tug on my arm, we stepped forward to the trough, and I must admit, I was quite perplexed with the situation.

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REVIEW: Vengeance in Death – An In Death series novel # 6 by J.D. Robb

A religious nutjob sociopathic serial killer targets Even and Roarke (Shocker!).  Extremely bloody mutilated bodies are found and Summerset is tied to more than one murder.

Hating the snobbish, uptight asswad, Eve still finds herself using every resource to prove that he should not be her prime suspect.  If only the dude would follow her advice and stay close to home.

Avenging the rape, mutilation, beating and death of Summerset daughter, Roarke is forced to make a list of those who provided him information on her torturers.  One by one, the killer is making his way through the list and brutalized them in the most delicious ways.

He’d been stripped naked, his hand and both his feet amputated.  The one eye he left stared in blind horror at the mirrored reflection of his own mutilated form.  He’d been disemboweled.

Peabody and Eve are hilarious.  They don’t come close to Stephanie and Lula, but they’re funny!

“Peabody’s a pussycat.  Aren’t you, Peabody?”

“Tame as a tabby, Lieutenant.”

With that said, this book left me wanting.

I was not entirely entertained.  I need something juicy to get my pulse pumping.  Maybe I picked up the wrong book at the wrong time.  *glances at bookshelves*


I recommend this book to mature adults only.  There is very little sexual content and it is non-descriptive.  The violence and murder scenes are fantastic!  Mature eyes only!

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REVIEW: Ceremony in Death – An In Death series novel # 5 by J.D. Robb

As much as I appreciate a good paranormal book, this book left me suffering.

Surrounded by witches, good and evil, Eve betrays a dear friend and puts the job first.

This book really hits home with Eve.  A suspect is the son of a serious psycho serial killer and rapist who worshipped satan.  The father raped and beat his own son.  Blinded by her emotions, Eve wishes and hopes that the man is innocent, even if all of the evidence points his way.

Ritual killings, orgies and the mysterious unknown witchcraft, Eve is the primary on this case and leads her aide and others with skeptical sarcasm.

He watched her work before, studied and admired the efficient, concentrated field she created around the dead.  Roarke wondered if she fully understood why she did it, or how she could, while examining a lifeless, violently dispatched body with such clear-cut objectivity, see through the pity that haunted her eyes.

He’d never asked her.  He doubted he ever would.

I honestly did not care much for this book.  It was a bit boring to me.

I recommend this book to mature adults.  Strong sexual content.  Strong and intriguing violence.  Sex and dismemberment.  Although others may find this book extremely entertaining, I am recommending this book only to those who are reading the In Death series.  I mean .. why bother?

Line of the book:

“…my narcissism is balanced by a generous heart.”

~Happy reading!