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REVIEW: Touch of Darkness – A Darkness Chosen series novel # 2 by Christine Dodd

The Darkness Chosen series is…*rubs eyes* …well, some have called it sweet torture; I on the other hand suffered my way through this book.

I promised myself that I would not reread a book in 2012; so here I am .. reading new books … new authors … And paying the price.

Don’t get me wrong, Christine Dodd has an imagination that she proves easily in this series that is filled with a historical background of selling one’s soul to the devil, a history of rape and dominance … A back story of a family that ran away from it all and have survived hiding as well as preparing for the inevitable battle between … *drum roll* … Good and evil.

Rurik is a fun character, shapeshifting hawk!  Different and cool, eh?  He is filled with conviction, passion and sexy yumminess to the tenth power baby!  A charmer, he seduced the one and only Tasya into his bed and apparently under his hot and multiple-orgasmic throbbing skills.  Where does that leave Tasya?  Consumed with the fear of being overwhelmed and taken over.

“I can’t predict the future, but I know this has just begun.”

There are several lines in this book that are more than worthy of a cheesy James Bond moment with a bit more romance that just makes you want to barf.  The lines will surely make a lot of women whimper in the unfilled romance in their own lives…Me?  Cheesy!

“You and I were reborn from Mother Earth, clawing our way out of the birth canal and into precarious life.”

Finally, the eluding Tasya Hunnisomethingorother pops back into Rurik’s life and he is angry and ready to remind her of the lust and desire that she felt with him.  Fortunate for the back story of this book, she has this dark past filled with secret convictions of her own.  She’s running towards the deadly historical force, the same force Rurik hides from…This leaves the interesting couple of a clash of motivation.

Still running from Rurik, running from the assassin psycho raping baddudes, running from …hell every thing, they are forced to endure one another’s company; the perfect chance for Rurik to remind her of who she is dealing with.

“Because I want every breath you take to be empty unless you’re close enough to smell me.  Every word you speak to be unimportant unless it’s to me.  Every sound you hear empty unless it’s my voice.  I want you to remember that whatever pleasure you have from now on, you’ll have it from me.”

Bit much, isn’t it?  Damned sexy though!

I recommend this book to…mature adults only.  The violence is fun and descriptive, although brief.  The sexual content is entirely too sporadic for my taste, yet there is mild content found between the pages …somewhere.

I do not recommend this book to immature eyes. ~happy reading!

REVIEW: Scent of Darkness – A Darkness Chosen series novel # 1 by Christine Dodd

Christine Dodd is a new author for me, and I admit that the only reason I purchased the books in this series was due to the shapeshifting paranormal romance bits.

I’m such a sucker for cheap thrills.  I’ve been working on my thesis (Done by the way!) so I have desperately needed something to fill in the *staring at my monitor and mindless tapping at my keys* moments…So, I filled it with books that are written in 7th grade reading level.  Over 300 pages in less than a day, my thesis is finished and now I find myself writing this review so that I may continue on with the next book in the Darkness Chosen series, Touch of Darkness.

Scent of Darkness is a paranormal romance (yay for repetition!) story that has an interesting historical sign your soul and your descendants soul to the devil fog.  A family whom raids, rapes and conquers, one feared by all, hired by some, and served by others.

Although I found this book interesting (A word choice I will often use to soften a negative tone), I felt as though I was flung into a world of survival, rape and intrigue.

Ann, an orphan left for dumpster and rat bait, lived her life in fear of the bad ones that always came.  Efficient and drowning in her infatuation and lust for her boss, Jasha … she decides to visit him at his home to seduce him, to make him see her for more than just an administrative assistant.

Jasha is a powerful man, a successful owner of a winery who is profoundly loyal to his family of cursed shape-shifters, those damned for their gifts as they run and hide from the family they betrayed … survived .. escaped from.

This book is a quick read for those in need of an airplane book or something simple to fall asleep to.  Perhaps I am having a bad day and did not give this book the open-minded chance that I am well-known for .. Screw it.

I liked this book… barely.  As I tend to obsess and do the whole OCD bit .. I must continue with the series until the end .. yay me.  It is the weekend, and I am confident (Now that my thesis is completed and my homework and studying is done…) that I can avoid my computer for a couple of days (Yay me for hiding…) and knock out the other three books before Monday.

I recommend this book to those in need of a cheap paranormal romance thrill.  The back story for this story is highly intriguing, but I found the action unmemorable.  Moderate rip your eyes out violence and semi strong sexual but brief content .. Only a few scenes.

~Happy reading!