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REPOST: REVIEW: One for the Money – A Stephanie Plum series novel #1 by Janet Evanovich

One for the Money is a wonderful book!  (MOVIE BEING RELEASED TOMORROW!!!)

I have always read psycho-thrillers, romance, paranormal romance etc.  My momma told me, “You have to read Evanovich!  You’ll laugh so hard!”

So, I did.

Stephanie Plum is a super cool character.  She’s like any regular woman in the world, a fun personality shaped with a loving family, embarrassing moments and some bitter days.  She lost her job.  Her car was repossessed.  She was forced to resort to accepting a job with her cousin Vinnie.

A bounty hunter!  She isn’t quite sure where to start.  Her nerves are a little jittery and she doesn’t really have a clue what she’s doing.  Talk about a blast!

Joe Morelli is a charming, sexy man from her past.  Playing tunnels and trains when they were 6 and then taking her virginity at age 16 behind the pastry counter.  Years afterwards, Stephanie saw him walking down a sidewalk and hopped the curb with her car and bounced him off the hood.  Bonus!  Pay backs rock!

Stephanie’s first day on the job, her first FTA, failure to appear, is Joe Morelli himself!  Hilarious.  The relationship is fiery.  He’s a cop trying to prove his innocence of the murder charges against him.  She’s a bounty hunter, a woman from his past, and she is relentless.

Grandma Mazur is one of neatest characters I’ve ever read.  Imagine your grandma, holding your gun at the dinner table.  She’s all excited about you becoming a bounty hunter.  She gets your gun to show it off to your family and the man they are trying to set you up with.  Somehow, she loads the gun and BAM!  She shoots the cooked chicken sitting in the middle of the table!

Several dangerous bumps in the road.  Although I love heart pounding dramatic moments, there are a few scenes in this book that were worthy of “covering my eyes during a really scary part during a movie.”  The details become very gruesome and I wasn’t sure if I was going to bother reading the second book.

In the end, the unpredictable ending, the revenge that is taken, the justice that rips through the bad guys was awe-inspiring.

I have read this series before.  I do recommend this book and series to anyone that needs a laugh.  The second book, Two for the Dough is off the charts better than the first.  If One for the Money doesn’t make you run for Two for the Dough, just take a deep breath and read the second one.

The relationships that are formed are so funny.  I was sitting on the couch and I couldn’t stop laughing.  My chest burned for air while my family stared at me wondering what was happening.  Two for the Dough is beyond hilarious.  If you are trying to read and others are sleeping, move as far away from them as possible.  Your laughter will shatter their sleep :)

This book should not be read by children or immature young adults.