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Dead Ice by Laurrell K. Hamilton

deadiceRockin relationship progression. No longer suffocating in sex scenes. Broken promises of zombie porn. More female playthings. Coalition politics, politics, politics … Oh my.

As you know, Laurrell K. Hamilton is one of my all-time favorite authors, and as such, I continue to faithfully purchase her books months in advance of their release date.

So, I’m totally a pervert. I am. What can I say? The thought of reading a Hamilton novel about zombie porn with a touch of terrified eyes filled with soul does it for me. How close to rape can a person get? I suppose perhaps … Maybe that is why there were so few scenes.

scooby-doo-porn-picks-thumb-420x300Zombie porn rawr! This book promised porn videos filled with zombies. Zombies who have been brought to life with their souls intact. What does this mean for Hamilton fans? This means that the zombie itself is controlled by another person, but the soul, the “person” is still inside and is well aware of everything transpiring.

In two words .. zombie rape.

None of that happened. Maybe 5 pages were dedicated to the actual marketed material, the rest is dialogue and more fucking dialogue. I’m thankful that every other page is not fuck this fuck that, but cmon.

No. This book is not about zombies. This book is not about Dead Ice. This book is not about anything other than 20 page conversations, a pissy Asher and a guilt-ridden Anita.

This is not what the book is about. This book is 90% relationship progression and coalition politics. Oh woe is me, the tigers are mad and want us to add one of them to our marriage ceremony. Seriously?

All I wanted was to read a book with gore, festering flesh and sex. Zombies are a bonus! But …

Bottom line: If you love the relationships in Hamilton’s book, this is the book for you! If you want something darker and fun … Skip it.

REVIEW: Kiss The Dead – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter series novel # 21 by Laurell K. Hamilton

Disappointing ..

Kiss the Dead is the 21st book in the Anita Blake – Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton.  This series began with an interesting bang .. a slow one at that but it quickly built into an extremely erotic black hole that sucked all the time out of me.

With that said, Hit List (Book # 20) and Kiss the Dead (Book # 21) have both fallen below the standards and expectations that the series has earned.

Kiss the Dead, although an immense improvement from Hit List .. left me wanting.  The writing style has completely changed .. although Hamilton is writing “better” .. it has changed the tone of the Blake books and this is unacceptable.  😦

50 pages into the book, and I was still crossing my fingers that it would get better.  Thankfully, it did .. but unfortunately .. *sigh* it didn’t pull itself out of the shit list to which I had placed it.  Crude .. brutal .. but that’s me being honest.

I will not bother going into a basic, all around whatnot about the book.  I have a college paper to write 🙂  Below, you will miscellaneous tidbits and quotes!  Enjoy .. for there may be nothing else worthy .. bummer.

“They’d say how you’re bad for shacking up with vampires and wereleopards, but in a firefight they’ll take your vampire-loving, furry-fucking ass over most anyone else’s.”

Anita Blake’s character has taken a turn of complete happiness .. As nice as the thought it .. Seriously?  Anita Blake isn’t happy.  It’s a dream come true sure .. she has accepted her love of the sweeties .. but seriously?  Thankfully .. Asher comes to save the day with drama!

He nodded. “That is fair. I am sorry, truly sorry, but you are right. Apologies that do not lead to better actions are empty things.”

Occasionally Blake rambles to herself .. the struggles with morals and thoughts .. feelings of love or resistance .. I did find the quote below rather hilarious .. It’s from a woman (Blake) .. relationship problems rock!

“Was I his?  Was he mine?  Duck, I didn’t know.  How could I not know after more than a year?  How could I not know the answer to this?  What the fuck was wrong with me?  What the fuck was wrong … with me?  With … him and me, with us?  No, with me.  With me.  What was wrong with me?”

I recommend this book to Anita Blake fans.  And even then .. If you are saving money for this book just for that reason .. save it until it hits the Barnes and Noble $5 bargain shelf.  I do not recommend this book to immature adults or children.  Although the sexual content has leapt from 160 to 35 mph .. the content is still significant.

Line and word of the book:


REVIEW: Full Moon Rising – A Riley Jenson Guardian series novel # 1 by Keri Arthur

Incredibly sexy!  Action packed suspense!  Full Moon Rising is a crossbreeding of J.D Robb meets Anita Blake meets Mercy Thompson!  This book is positively FABULOUS and I’m super excited about reading the book that is *glances to my right* waiting ever so impatiently for my sweetest attention ❤

This is a new author and (duh) new series for me.  All of the characters are fresh in my brain … I am being seduced by them as we speak and anxiously await the full sacrificial wave of dreams that will hopefully! … undoubtedly! … wake me panting o.O


Full Moon Rising is the first book in the Riley Jenson Guardian series; therefore I will be giving you details about what I have come to know thus far… Even though I have noticed that at times I speak my mind .. I am proven “wrong” .. Hey it happens!

Not often.

But it does!

Riley Jenson, a half-breed of werewolf and vampire, the twin to the badass Guardian, Rhoan … and an erotic dancer of the moon’s pull … She is fun and awesome.  I hate comparing .. But I really like this book and I’m going to try and put her into perspective for possible addicts!  It’s like Anita on valium .. but Mercy on X and revenge.  Where does that leave us?  With a woman who is sexually confident, betrayed by bastards in her life and does what is needed to .. well the means justify the end, right?

She’s excruciatingly lonely in a crowded room, a sad character who does not make friends easily … this leaves her undying loyalty to a fault and somewhat blinds her to the creepy crawly asswipes lurking in the shadows with knives in their hands!

There are so many wonderful characters .. Hmm.  I’m not sure how to “go there” without “going there” …spoilers suck!

Skipping characters!

This book takes place in the future without the J.D. Robb vroom vrooming.  There are ancient vampires, although rare.  There are crossbreds, although highly improbable.  There is a paranormal section of the law that … well the seek out and handle what needs handling without bothering to let the “real” world know about the bloodshed.

Rhoan is kidnapped!  A friend goes missing … A vampire warned and warning Riley to keep her distance, and a handful of potential hot and dripping sexy lovers that quite honestly .. well I hope I dream about the club dance scene tonight!

Laurell K. Hamilton is one of my favorite authors.  Keri Arthur has excellent potential to wiggle herself onto a higher shelf (the one my toddler should never be able to reach .. cross your fingers!) where she will remain safe and sound.  I have high expectations and I sincerely .. I truly hope that Kissing Sin, the second book in this series, keeps me smiling! (I’m 26 pages in and I’m already sick of this review… as it is taking time away from reading!)

This book takes off with a BANG .. You do not even have to read 5 pages before being seduced into Riley’s world .. She’s brilliant and I’m looking forward to more.

I recommend this book to mature adults only .. awesome violence scenes although not entirely too eyeball oozing worthy.  Fantastic sexual content .. frequent .. descriptive .. but brief enough to allow the actual story to stay at the front row.

~happy reading!