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REVIEW: Educating Jane Porter – A Jane Porter series # 2 by Dominque Adair

Ok hmm.  I was excited about this book.

I read it cover to cover so to speak .. in about 35 minutes.


Being the second book in the Jane Porter series, this picked up right where the first left off.

Jane is a woman who was celibate for 2 years.  Apparently she is “insatiable” .. at least until Antonio awakened her desires.  In this book, their passionate D/s relationship has been enhanced by Santos, Antonio’s best friend.  Yadda yadda ..

It is one thing to write a series.  It is one thing to write a series of short novels.  It is a completely different thing to write a book that contains only a few scenes; most of which by the way, were your normal Joe Blow.  Seriously?

I love this story.  I look forward to reading more.  The next book in this series, Reinventing Jane Porter is now on my kindle awaiting my attention.  I’m pretty bummed though.

I like this author a lot, but if I can only look forward to 30 minute stories that cost $2-$4 .. I’m not sure it is worth it.

I suppose I can recommend this MATURE book to adults only.  Strong sexual content.  Duh, right?  The length is very disappointing.  I’ll let yall know about the third book.  If I write that review today .. I’ll be totally bummed.

You do not have to read the first book to “enjoy” this one.

~Happy reading …


Book of the day .. Educating Jane Porter – A Jane Porter series # 2 by Dominque Adair

I finally have Educating Jane Porter which is the second book from the Jane Porter series.

The first book, Seducing Jane Porter, can be found on amazon for FREE!  A MUST READ!


Dominance, submission and all sorts of interesting BDSM bits .. this book will most certainly not appeal to the prudish faint of heart…unless of course deep down you’re a curious little bunny 🙂 hehehe

Hmm .. I cannot find an excerpt link that is working properly.  Here is a short bit…

throwing a kink—or two—in her plans…

A Jane Porter story.

Last night Jane met the Master of her dreams…

Tall, dark and very Spanish, Antonio Villareal is a lover unlike any Jane has ever known—undeniably sexy and more than willing to help her explore her submissive side. To find a master who’s a natural dominant is one thing. But kind and considerate, as well? She can hardly believe her good fortune.

Antonio is well aware that Jane is determined to keep their sexual relationship temporary. But he has a different plan in mind.

In the morning he introduces her to his best friend…

Warning: This book contains copious amounts of champagne, kinky under-the-table hi-jinks, a ménage to die for, voyeurism and angry shower sex. What more could you want?

Read Seducing Jane Porter BEFORE reading this one 🙂

REVIEW: Seducing Jane Porter – A Jane Porter novel #1 by Dominique Adair

Seducing Jane Porter was an unexpected surprise.

This book was recommended to me by another book blogger.  As always, I will usually read any received / requested books within 48 hours give or take.

You have several different categories that erotica books can fall into.  Too innocent.  Too bold  (Is there such a thing, really?).  Too pathetic.  Just too .. boring.

Seducing Jane Porter is none of the above.  This  novel is surrounded by some interesting characters wrapped in pretty packaging filled with class.  Dominique Adair created a fun world that is obtainable.  Some prefer to read books that could only be fantasies.  Perhaps this is one of those books to you.  But, the characters, the stories, the depth .. this book is well written and left me smiling.

Jane Porter is a submissive woman who is partners with her best friend.  They own an RSVP business that caters to those in need of even planning.

Jane spent two glorious years with *drum roll please* an asshole that decided to say, “Hey baby, I’m married with kids but I’d like to pay for your apartment and bump uglies whenever I call you.”

She dumped his sorry ass .. good for her.

After a year of celibacy, she finds herself attending an event that she and her friend planned.  This book is filled with tasteful BDSM content.  When I use the word tasteful, it by no means there is no nitty-gritty.  I just means that the author pulled moments to life that seem real.

Masked and disappointed, Jane feels defeated that she will not be able to meet a man who will give her the satisfaction that she needs.  Then, tada!  Antonio, the birthday boy, seduces her into shivers.

This book does have a huge cliffhanger.  I am usually not a cliffhanger fan, but it was inserted at the right moment.  I am looking forward to reading Educating Jane Porter which happens to be the second book of the Jane Porter series.

Line of the book:

Being a sexual submissive was similar to Double Dutch jump roping, once you learned to navigate ropes, you never forget the rush.

I recommend this book to ADULTS ONLY.  This is an extremely erotic book filled with BDSM content.  There is your forewarning.  If you’re curious or disgusted .. you can either take the bull by its horns or buzz off 🙂