Contact Me

~If you would like to make a specific request for a book review, please contact me.  Understand that every reader has a genre that rocks his or her world.   I read fiction.  It’s that simple.  Although non-fiction sometimes floats my boat, I’m picky.

I love erotica (the more perverse the better), psychological thrillers,  paranormal romance, suspense, mystery et cetera.  If you submit a book for review in this genre, I will respond back within a few business days to let you know if your request has been accepted.  Please note, some reviews could take 2-3 months to post.

When submitting review requests, please supply a copy of the book and a synopsis to   If you would please write “REVIEW REQUEST: <Name of book here>” it would help me keep things organized 🙂  This is a quick way for us to begin our relationship with a smile.

I write honest reviews.  Bottom line. I respect every writer… But, I refuse to write a review for my readers that is … untrue and insincere.

What are you reading?  Have any input or advice about my blog?  Interested in writing reviews or taking part in discussions?

Sometimes I receive off the wall random questions that just have me laughing .. Curious about something?  Anything?  Keep the questions appropriate and I will post them in the Who? Me? section with my answers.

Thanks in advance and HAPPY READING!

Comments rock!

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