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REVIEW: Chaos– An Amissio Libra series novel # 1 by Totak H. Clymes

triquestrtaTotak H. Clymes is a one of the up-and-coming badasses of dark fantasy literature. Straying away from the usual refurbished creativity you are forced to endure, Totak has devised a brilliantly phenomenal world of fantasy, mixed with magic and unearthly morbid beings.

A spark of white, tinged with distinct blue mist, leapt along her arm and struck out against the creature. The spark collided with the Shade head-on. The creature writhed for mere seconds within the blazing illumination before being vaporized.

Although dark fantasy is not my chosen genre for reading, I found myself enthralled with this story! I truly enjoyed the fantastical ride that a group of strangers partake in the amazing effort to not only survive but to defeat the shadowed beings invading their world.

A terrible screech ripped through the forest. With a fierce wave of its arm, the Shadow let loose a massive wave of miasma and rushing darkness. The force tore across the mountainside without slowing. Trees were stripped of branches and thrown from their place, toppling over one another. Rock exploded from the ground, uprooted by the overwhelming force, and dirt evaporated in mid-air.

Two of the main characters in Amissio Libra: Chaos are Saikah and Nathresh. They have an amusing relationship to say the least.

Na’thresh then assessed Saikah whom he noticed, with a none-too-well hidden start of surprise, was pale as winter snow through and through. Her skin did not hold the same purity that captured the three siblings but was nevertheless a startling tone of sunless peach. Her hair fell in streaming locks of sterling and white-silver to the top of her perky buttocks, occasionally becoming caught under a hand or her legs when she shifted her sitting positions.

Other characters of the persevering team are Aru’ine, Cassandra and Citrine.

“Yes,” Aru’ine interrupted suddenly, a dark and accusative tone staining his words. He stood straight and ran a hand through his hair. Na’thresh met his eye and took a long moment to analyze the expression. Aru’ine was staring at him, not in anger or resentment, but with fear. “You arrived right when the Shades appeared.”

Totak’s writing impressed upon me a sense of rejuvenation in the world of literature. His writing style, which flows poetically and beautifully, is a reminder of what excellent writing should portray. Writing should leave a mark on your mind, a wondrous yearning to read more, to experience more of a writer’s universe. Unlike the occasional writing these days, Totak does not quickly type sentences to get through a scene. He chooses his words carefully, just as worthy writers from our past.

I know I am biased. I am constantly reminded that I am incapable of providing an objective review because, afterall, Totak is my husband. With that said, I urge you to read the first chapter and all snippets that I will post. I assure you, every word Totak has typed will be worth every second of your time.

Shapes glided along endless shadows at the base of trees lining the path to the cabin. Where one appeared, hundreds seemed to follow. For each shape, a new series of indistinct whispers and hisses broke against the deadly silence, but the forest remained quiet. A wail made of undulating, genderless tones filled the air, drowning even the myriad of hushed whispers. The moan distorted itself, creating sounds akin to an echo of a recording being played in reverse. It faded in and out, rising when the hiss of the slithering shapes receded, falling when they bolstered. Distinct, hollow voices emerged through the chaos.

In my conclusion, I will reiterate how fantastic this writing and book is. Totak has gone above and beyond the usual hogwash that is produced today. He is currently writing book two of the Amissio Libra series, Declina.

Read it. Love it. Ache for more!

~happy reading

Dead Ice by Laurrell K. Hamilton

deadiceRockin relationship progression. No longer suffocating in sex scenes. Broken promises of zombie porn. More female playthings. Coalition politics, politics, politics … Oh my.

As you know, Laurrell K. Hamilton is one of my all-time favorite authors, and as such, I continue to faithfully purchase her books months in advance of their release date.

So, I’m totally a pervert. I am. What can I say? The thought of reading a Hamilton novel about zombie porn with a touch of terrified eyes filled with soul does it for me. How close to rape can a person get? I suppose perhaps … Maybe that is why there were so few scenes.

scooby-doo-porn-picks-thumb-420x300Zombie porn rawr! This book promised porn videos filled with zombies. Zombies who have been brought to life with their souls intact. What does this mean for Hamilton fans? This means that the zombie itself is controlled by another person, but the soul, the “person” is still inside and is well aware of everything transpiring.

In two words .. zombie rape.

None of that happened. Maybe 5 pages were dedicated to the actual marketed material, the rest is dialogue and more fucking dialogue. I’m thankful that every other page is not fuck this fuck that, but cmon.

No. This book is not about zombies. This book is not about Dead Ice. This book is not about anything other than 20 page conversations, a pissy Asher and a guilt-ridden Anita.

This is not what the book is about. This book is 90% relationship progression and coalition politics. Oh woe is me, the tigers are mad and want us to add one of them to our marriage ceremony. Seriously?

All I wanted was to read a book with gore, festering flesh and sex. Zombies are a bonus! But …

Bottom line: If you love the relationships in Hamilton’s book, this is the book for you! If you want something darker and fun … Skip it.

Impetuous by Nicole Morgan

Impetuous by Nicole Morgan

Word count: 31,979

4/5 Stars

Heat Level:  SCORCHING

Impetuous gives the reader a fun and faced paced ride through an intense and somewhat contact character progression of Beck and Jennifer.

Answering Jennifer’s ad for employment, Beck wander’s into Jennifer’s hotel and comes face to face with a pistol stubborn woman who is trying to maintain the hotel without a maintenance crew.  After a slippery mishap, Beck shocks her with his blunt and humorous line:

Beck – “Well, sugar.  You know, normally I like to spend a little time getting to know someone better I get horizontal with them, but since you’re so forceful, I might just make an exception for you.”

After the embarrassing first meeting, Beck confronts Jennifer in her office.  His blatant observation on the lack of competence of Jennifer as a repair person offends her, and she refuses his employment.

With a wink he walked out of her office and closed the door, but not before caught the look she gave him.  If looks could kill, he would be six feet under with a pleased woman standing on top of his grave.  He had definitely regained the upper hand, and that was exactly how he wanted it.

This story quickly progresses to a hot and savory evening in Jennifer’s suite.  The delicious descriptive voice that Nicole Morgan provides the reader will undoubtedly leave you throbbing and craving more.  Morgan doesn’t disappoint as the long, in-depth sex scene that will leave you smiling.  If you appreciate a man who talks to you during sex, Beck’s lines will leave you panting.

Startled back to reality, she looked up at him.  Any amount of desire she had for him before was nothing compared to the heat tearing through her core right now.  Hot lava was pouring through her veins.  Her pussy was throbbing, wanting and needing to be filled with him as juices seeped from inside her and coated her panties.

As the story progresses, the relationship progression becomes more complicated, and both Beck and Jennifer become curious about their feelings and thoughts of uncertainty.

…but there was something about Beck that just made her lose all self-control.  His touch was like a magician waving his wand.  His kiss was like a succulent aphrodisiac plucked from the Garden of Eden.

I recommend this book to ADULT readers only.  Extreme erotica with a twist of sweet plot that only entices the reader further into Morgan’s world of hello-there-baby! world.