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Unleashed Desire – Racks, Riding Crops and Orgams.. Oh my!

BDSM_light_by_VampirenishMadison watched the woman’s face. She let her gaze slide over her body as she tried to make sense of what the woman was feeling and whether or not the men were abusing her. After taking care of Elise, there was no way in hell she was going to stand by and allow another woman to be brutalized. Just as she thought to force Dorian away from her, the woman arched her body again. Her wrists and ankles were held against the rack, forcing her to use her back muscles.

The woman had the most incredible orgasm Madison had ever seen. It seemed to last forever. The woman’s lips were parted in a sensual manner as she tried to catch her breath. Unaware of the woman being released from her restraints, Madison forced herself to focus on what was happening. Stephen stood near the woman and gently held her wrists together as the Dom grasped her hips and slid her toward him.

As Stephen leaned forward, he sweetly sucked her lower lip into his mouth. As soon as his tongue touched hers, the Dom thrust forward into her sheath until his balls slapped against her ass. The pounding was relentless. One man fucked her pussy as the other man deepened his kiss and reached down to rub his fingers over her swollen clit. The grunts from the Dom were earthshattering.

The man’s cock pummeled her pussy in a merciless assault. The moans coming from the woman’s mouth were enticing. He grabbed her hips harder and quickened his thrusts. He pulled out his cock and stroked himself as he came with a righteous fury. His hot semen spewed onto her stomach. Her screams deafening as they climaxed together in beautiful release.

Madison’s whole body burned and throbbed just thinking of what it would feel like to have a man take her that way.

The sound that escaped the woman’s lips shot through Madison’s body. Her knees felt weak and she swayed a bit, the pressure between her thighs so intense that she lost control of her body. The reaction was furious. Dorian immediately slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her against him. Her head fell backward as her whole body seized, surrendering to his.

Dorian leaned down and bit her neck hard, taking her skin into his mouth and running his tongue over the sensitive area. At the same time, his hand fell to her skirt and cupped her pussy. Grabbing ahold of her clit, he rubbed it between his fingers. Tugging slightly, increasing the pressure. Pinching and pulling, he seemed relentless. The pleasure peaked. A screaming alarm went through her body as she realized she needed to come, to be given merciful release from this torturous bombardment of ecstasy.

Twisting and circling her clit faster, he pinched her harder before he slid a finger through her velvet folds. He pulled them apart before pushing two fingers into her and quickly stroking the most wonderful spot inside of her body.

The orgasm that shocked Madison all the way to her toes exploded out of her body. She had little control over what was happening, her leg lifting upward toward Dorian’s hips, wanting to be closer to him, needing for him to fill her. She pressed herself harder against his hand, riding out the orgasm, wanting him deeper inside of her.

Time seemed to stop. There was no one around, except for the two of them. Her body was still convulsing with pleasure. When would it end? Madison was aware of his hands on her body, the sensations pounding through her core as he continued to apply pressure to her sensitive bud, coaxing every spurt of desire from her.

The lips on her neck, the tongue that swirled over her stinging skin were incredible. Slowly, not wanting the moment to end quite yet, she lowered her leg. Her short breaths escaped her lungs. The lust pounded in her head, pushing out all logical thinking.

Raising her eyes, Madison gazed up to Dorian’s face. His expression was filled with hunger. There was no doubt in her mind that he wanted her as badly as she did him. Suddenly it occurred to her that the others had fallen silent around them.

Madison dared not take her gaze from Dorian. She knew without even looking that they had everyone’s attention. Even the Dom and submissive had fallen quiet. Dorian’s face filled with approval and pride. He was pleased with her reaction, even though it frightened her.

Dorian laughed. He was relishing in what the evening offered him. This beautiful woman standing next to him had no idea of the world he invited her to. She put complete trust in him, and she barely knew him. Some would assume she needed to think more before placing herself in inescapable situations, but he knew better. She was exquisite. When he looked into her eyes, he could see her mind working. He could tell her brain was taking in and processing all of the details around them.

Forcing her eyes away from him, Madison glanced around the room, her eyes brushing over the others that were watching her intently. As some looked upon her with wonder, others watched her with envious, hungry eyes. Stephen intrigued her. His caramel-brown eyes filled with delight, he stood there next to the woman with swollen lips from his kisses.

Madison felt the silence pushing down on her. Dorian slid his fingers into hers and brought them to his mouth. His lips were soft and hot, his eyes boring into hers with molten desire. He lifted her arm up above her head and twirled her around until her back pressed against his chest.

With a triumphant smile, Dorian looked at his friends. “I would like to introduce you to Madison.” He leaned forward and pressed a kiss into the nape of her neck, inhaling her sweet scent.

The Dom stepped forward and smiled at her. “Good evening, Madison. My name is Nathaniel.” He held his hand out behind him and waited for the woman to take it. She stepped forward, her knees obviously weak. “This is Tina.” He looked behind him as Stephen joined the group.

“Hello, my dear. My name is Stephen and may I just say…you are exquisite. Deliciously lovely.” He bowed before her, never taking his eyes from hers. Holding his gaze, she found herself drawn to him. He was not boldly attractive like Dorian, but he was gracious and sexy. Madison found herself holding her breath, one moment hoping he would say more and the next hoping to escape the room and those occupying it.

“Umm…hi.” Madison was horrified at her lack of grace, but what more could a girl do after having a mind-blowing orgasm in front of a group of strangers? Her heart was pounding and she felt the panic begin to smolder.

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Madison Dreams of Dorian …

tumblr_lumn33i0Bp1r2pumqo1_400Lips trailed from her ankles up to her thighs. Dorian latched onto her panties with his teeth. He ripped them from her body. His hot, velvet tongue glided over her skin. His aggressive passion scorched her. He slid his palm to her inner thigh. She could feel the heartbeat pumping through his fingertips—they seemed intent on being inside her. Dorian pushed her legs apart. She was quivering. Her knees pressed roughly into the mattress, wide open for his viewing. She looked at his face. Dominating hunger radiated from him.

She felt alive, her body taking on an essence all its own. He leaned forward with slowness that pushed her over the edge, yearning for his touch, to feel his tongue inside of her. He slid his hands under her hips and grabbed her ass. Yanking her up, angling her body, he grabbed ahold of her and roughly pulled her to his mouth. With a soft lick between her warm folds, he flattened his tongue and licked her from top to bottom. He tasted her. Her molten-hot velvet folds beckoned him, whispering for more. Back arching off the bed, she moaned, the exhale ripped from her mouth.

Tilting her head up, she watched him as he devoured her. Burrowing his face into her body, his tongue thrust into her wet, hot, slick sheath. He smiled at her, his intense eyes filling her with scorching heat. His tongue dominated her, gorging on her warmth and sucking her juices into his mouth. Demanding. Hungry. Diving in, merciless in his exploration of her body, he shoved his face into her as if he was starved. As he devoured her, she could not keep her body still. Wriggling from side to side, he wrapped his arm tighter around her hips, keeping her grounded as she bucked against his mouth in need of release.

Her body awakened. Spinning further and further away, she was lost to everything except what her body was feeling. Completely consumed, the fire rolled over her skin as she lost all sense of who she was and what was happening to her. She was taken over by the intense sensations storming her body. Losing control, unsure how much more she could take, she shot her hips up with such force that he had to pop to his knees to keep her pinned against his mouth. Pressure building, she could not take much more. Every time she thought she would be relieved, he pulled back just long enough to prolong what she needed, desperately craved. Turning his head away from her sweet, dripping pussy, he bit the inside of her thigh hard. She was going to climax when and only when he allowed her to.

Raising her feet into the air, she wrapped them around his neck, pulling him closer to her, attempting to trap him against her so that she could release the buildup that burned her. Scorched with fire, she felt as if at any moment she would lose her mind. She felt the wave overcome her. Bucking against his mouth, she screamed. Her breath escaped her as she spun out of control. It lasted for what seemed forever. Just when she thought she could not take anymore, he brought her to another orgasm. The mounting sensitivity was almost unbearable. She could hear herself begging for his mercy. She wasn’t sure what she was begging for exactly, for him to stop the ravaging of her body or to keep going until she drowned in her own molten passion.

Unable to breathe, head spinning, he slowly, gently, lowered her to the bed. The sheets were soaked from their sweat and her release. She sank into a comfortable cloud of pillows. Dorian licked his lips, lowering his face to her. Sucking her lower lip into his mouth, an arrogant satisfaction overtook him. She could taste herself on him.

The lovely flavor of sex, nothing could ever compare to the sweet release, the vulnerable display of one’s soul to another and being comfortable enough to lose all inhibitions was sexy all on its own.

Stretching out beside her, he pulled her butt against him. She rubbed against him, feeling his arousal pressing into her back. He groaned. But tonight wasn’t about him. Tonight was all about exploring her body, her pleasure, and the sweet responses he ripped from her. Wrapping his arms around her, he smelled her neck before placing a soft kiss to her throat. Consumed, they fell asleep.

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