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20 Favorite Author Tidbits

Vanessa at 2 Yrs 5 Months Old GOOD PicHello there my lovelies ❤

I’ve been updating my blog and shifting widgets around for days.  I am still fussing with the menu, but you will now find a “categories” section on the right hand side.  It’s incomplete, but it will allow you to quickly search for posts under specific topics.

I’m rearranging my bookshelves so that I can make room for all of the books I received as Christmas gifts! .. Books are located by importance .. Top shelf to the bottom.  I have a five-year-old.  Enough said.

I am going to list twenty (believe it or not, this was originally a “ten” post .. not a “twenty”) authors that you can readily find on my bookshelves, and then I will name my favorite book ( and if I can’t take it .. a runner-up) by that author.  This post is going to be difficult 🙂  It’s like asking someone what his or her favorite movie is heh

  1. Anne Rice – The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty and Interview with a Vampire
  2. Stephen King – The Dark Half and Tommyknockers
  3. Christine Feehan – Dark Prince and Wild Rain
  4. Janet Evanovich – Lean Mean Thirteen
  5. JK Rowling – The Order of the Phoenix and The Half-Blood Prince
  6. Dean Koontz – Shattered
  7. Sherrilyn Kenyon – Acheron
  8. Laurell K. Hamilton – The Lunatic Cafe
  9. JR Ward – Dark Lover
  10. JD Robb – Naked in Death
  11. Maya Banks – Sweet Temptation
  12. Karen Marie Moning – Dark Fever and Dreamfever
  13. Heather Graham – Deadly Night
  14. Susan Krinard – Prince of Wolves
  15. Clive Barker – Hellbound Heart (I’m actually searching for a copy of this .. My birthday is in January .. Find it .. I’ll give you my address 😉 )
  16. Rebecca York – Killing Moon
  17. Patricia Briggs – Iron Kissed
  18. Urban and Roux – The ENTIRE Cut&Run series!

You can find reviews for most of these books under the REVIEWS category (or menu button).  If you’re interested in one of the books that does not have a review, please feel free to email me with questions.  You can also visit  They have a wide range of eclectic reviewers!

10 Things I About Me…

Good morning, my lovelies 🙂

Below is a list of things that I really dislike about little ole me …

  1. I’m too quick at making assumptions.  They are usually the wrong assumptions too.  I tend to misread situations that have the potential to be damaging to relationships.
  2. I push away those I love when I’m really in need of them.  What can I say?  I tend to internalize problems.
  3. I have an endless amount of guilt. I will often take the world upon my shoulders and feel guilty for things that I cannot change, that I should not feel guilty for and / or to place blame on myself for assholes actions toward me.
  4. I hold grudges.  I’m not talking about your average grudge.  I’m talking about grudges that came to pass decades ago.  If I came across Maria or Melissa, I would probably sneer at them 🙂
  5. I procrastinate.  Oh ya.  Enough said.

Below you will find a list of things that I like about little ole me 🙂

  1. I am brutally honest. Sometimes too honest .. it becomes a fault.  But you know what?  I am honest and those who know me and need an honest answer .. they know they will get it from me.  Don’t ask for an answer that you’re hoping I will lie.
  2. I am a loyal friend.  I will do anything for my friends and loved ones.
  3. I give people three chances. It doesn’t matter if you’re a possible new friend or if I’ve known you for years.  You have three chances with me.  Fuck up three times … Chances of the holygrudgebatman! comes to light.
  4. I have recently found the strength to take a deep breath and divorce my husband.  I’ve lived with him for fifteen years.  It’s time to move forward, and although I am no longer financially stable, my daughter and I are very happy and ready to move forward.
  5. I’m smart.  Regardless of being told I’m an idiot for years, I have returned to college, and I currently hold a 4.0 GPA.. Oh ya .. suck it. xox

I am going to try to post little personal tidbits once a day.  I think it’s fun and important to have an intimate relationship with friends and fans 😉


Twenty Tilly Tidbits!

Hello there my lovelies ..

It’s that time again!  I’m caught up on school work and have found time to make a quick and fun post!

Twenty Things I Believe In …

  1. People shouldn’t smoke around kids
  2. Assholes should slow down in school zones
  3. Women should never fake orgasms
  4. A Lie is a Lie is a Lie …
  5. Texting while driving is moronic
  6. It’s never too early for beer
  7. Erotica books are a basic survival tool for relationships
  8. Divorces suck no matter the amount of civility
  9. Naps rock
  10. Gilligan was right …
  11. One friend rocks .. Two friends are iffy .. Three friends you’re screwed
  12. Never discuss religion or politics at the dinner table
  13. Pizza is the most important food group .. coupled with ranch of course
  14. Smiling at a stranger changes someone’s day
  15. Always smile and say thank you when a man calls you beautiful
  16. Laundry day is a way to find money
  17. Telemarketers are evil
  18. Cheerleader moms are … *cringe*
  19. Winning is important … But not as important as fun and friendship
  20. An orgasm a day keeps the twitch away!

Wear pretty panties! Feel sexy! Have a great day!