New Releases and Coming Soons!

So many things have happened in so little time! I am posting two pictures I took of the Wicked Hope bIMG_9860ook. I created this artwork when I lived in New York … and that was a LONG time ago. In order to fully appreciate the artwork, I am posting a front and back picture.

First of all, Wicked Hope has officially been released, and you can purchase the digital book for $2.99. Amazon Prime members will receive it for free and kindle users have my permission to borrow the book from others.

If you are anything like me and want to hold a book in your hands, well it is currently on sale for only $7.15. Order now, and you should receive it within a few days.IMG_9861

I am currently working on three other projects right now. Unleashed Wrath, book two of the Unleashed series, is a work in progress. Due to its content, the publisher will more than likely choose not to publish the book themselves. With that said, I have been advised that they will more than likely accept the next book since it is an appropriate extension of book two. The estimated release date for this book is January 2016.

A more important project is the children’s book I am currently writing. Children’s book you ask?! Why yes, yes I am. I am writing a children’s book for my two daughters, and you will never know when it is published because I will *smile* most definitely *smile* not associate it with this pseudonym. The estimated release date for this book is November 2015. Yup! I’m that close.

Book two of the Wicked series is in the pipeline, but it is project number three on my list. I am working fewer hours “in the real world” now, so I will have more time to dedicate to my passion for writing! Realistically, the second book will not be released until spring 2016.

I am working diligently to meet these deadlines, but time will tell.

On a more personal note, my family was forced to relocate at the beginning of this year, but we are okay! Things are wonderful, my husband is a sexy, brilliant man who is praised by his boss. Our daughter is coming out of her shell … do the words attitude problem mean anything? She’s so like me it’s funny. I love her so much! My first born is fucking awesome, and I miss her so much. Enough said.

My awesome husband is a writer as well, if you have yet to notice the Amissio Libra posts. He writes incredibly beautiful dark fantasy for those who enjoy a well-written story. You can purchase the first book of his series, Chaos, here for only $17.99. It may seem like a high price, but it’s over 500 pages and worth every fucking penny. If you would rather read the digital version of his book, you can purchase it here for only $2.99.

Comments rock!

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