Dead Ice by Laurrell K. Hamilton

deadiceRockin relationship progression. No longer suffocating in sex scenes. Broken promises of zombie porn. More female playthings. Coalition politics, politics, politics … Oh my.

As you know, Laurrell K. Hamilton is one of my all-time favorite authors, and as such, I continue to faithfully purchase her books months in advance of their release date.

So, I’m totally a pervert. I am. What can I say? The thought of reading a Hamilton novel about zombie porn with a touch of terrified eyes filled with soul does it for me. How close to rape can a person get? I suppose perhaps … Maybe that is why there were so few scenes.

scooby-doo-porn-picks-thumb-420x300Zombie porn rawr! This book promised porn videos filled with zombies. Zombies who have been brought to life with their souls intact. What does this mean for Hamilton fans? This means that the zombie itself is controlled by another person, but the soul, the “person” is still inside and is well aware of everything transpiring.

In two words .. zombie rape.

None of that happened. Maybe 5 pages were dedicated to the actual marketed material, the rest is dialogue and more fucking dialogue. I’m thankful that every other page is not fuck this fuck that, but cmon.

No. This book is not about zombies. This book is not about Dead Ice. This book is not about anything other than 20 page conversations, a pissy Asher and a guilt-ridden Anita.

This is not what the book is about. This book is 90% relationship progression and coalition politics. Oh woe is me, the tigers are mad and want us to add one of them to our marriage ceremony. Seriously?

All I wanted was to read a book with gore, festering flesh and sex. Zombies are a bonus! But …

Bottom line: If you love the relationships in Hamilton’s book, this is the book for you! If you want something darker and fun … Skip it.

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