Publishing, Networking and ARC FREEBIES~

Good morning, my lovelies …

As most of you know, I am currently in the process of publishing Unleashed Desire.  Process process o.O

To my left is a photo of me with a good friend of mine, Jen.  What can I say … the woman makes me smile 🙂  Miss her, though!  College and life just gets in the way, doesn’t it?

And yet again, I have veered off topic.  Shocker, right?

Ok!  To the point of this post!  I need help …

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I am preparing to release free digital copies of Unleashed Desire within the next few weeks.  If you’re interested in reading and / or reviewing this book … Like … I will be randomly choosing winners of my glorious book filled with delicious perversions and romance.

Yesterday, I wrote 5 pages of my next book.  How many survived?  NONE.  What can I say?  It didn’t fit in that book, so I copied it into another document and saved it for later.

Today, I have three things on my todo list…  Snuggle my daughter who is returning from her trip to New York, bake some cookies and sketti to celebrate her first day in our new home and read Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich!  I don’t think life could get much better than that ❤

And with that said, I shall depart from you my darlings.  Notorious Nineteen is waiting on my couch … waiting for my smiles and laughter.  Book review to come!

~happy reading

6 responses to “Publishing, Networking and ARC FREEBIES~

  1. Haven’t heard from you. I know you’re settling in, it’s Christmas, ….. just checking in to see if you’ve sent the digital copy for ARC……

  2. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to read and review your book. I’ve done this for a number of my favorite authors; I post reviews on Goodreads, FB, Amazon and a variety of blogs. BTW: good luck w/ the new move and movin’ on w/ life! Been there, done that… thing I’ve ever done! ‘Nuff said!

    • Fantastic! I will send you a digital copy within a couple of weeks 🙂

      I am excited!! This move has been really rough. Thankfully, I have wonderful friends and family who helped me with hugs and moving 🙂

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