Currently Reading .. REVIEW: Faefever – A Fever series novel # 3 by Karen Marie Moning

As much as I anticipate reading the books and finishing this series, this book was somewhat .. disappointing.

I did however enjoy the character progression!

Mac is an amazing character.  When she first came to life, she was a carefree soul that sun bathed by the pool in bikinis while fantasizing about guys.  Now, she’s turning into a cynical and confused .. lost female.  Sexual tension has left her wanting as she denies herself the acceptance of what she actually desires.

I was nothing if not determined; at least twice a week I would wear bright, pretty clothes.  I was afraid if I didn’t, I’d forget who I was.  I’d turn into what I felt like: a grungy, weapon-bearing, pissy, resentful, vengeance-hungry bitch.  The girl with long blond hair, perfect makeup, and nails might be gone, but I was still pretty.

Barrons is completely baffling.  I have read hundreds if not thousands of books.  There are many authors that keep you wondering, keep tugging on those strings with curiosity on what a character will become.   As frustrating as not knowing what Barrons IS, I like him.  I like the dominating, grumpy and stubborn personality that comes with him.

“In the Serengeti, Ms. Lane, I would be the cheetah.  I’m stronger, smarter, faster, and hungrier than everything else out there.  And I don’t apologize to the gazelle when I take it down.”

Fighting against a world that is desperately threatening to crash into “ours”, Mac isn’t sure who the good guys are.  Barrons?  Rowena?  V’lane?  Christian?  Every time she feels confident and comfortable with her assessment, something happens that pulls her feet back firmly onto the ground.

The ones who have no names, the abominations, those who are flawed yet live, those who hunger yet can never be sated, those who hate eternally, who need beyond bearing with their twisted limbs and psychopathic dreams, those who know but one joy: the hunt, the kill, the nectar of dust and ashes.

Although there are moments when I felt the relationships were becoming something tremendous, the scenes were rushed and unfocused.  Bummer.  The progression between Barrons and more importantly, V’lane, were skimmed over with very little detail or effort.

Perhaps that was the point after all?  Thus far, the books have been more centered on the action, the mysteries within.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for love triangles and encompassing passions.  I want more of that.  I want to be thrown into a drowning sea of lust and passion that is being pulled between V’lane and Barrons.  I suppose, we shall see where this series takes us!

The ending of this book was .. ODD to say the least!  I crave more details.  I need more descriptive hellobaby moments.  On one hand, the ending of this book irritated me.  Thankfully, I do not have to wait to read the next book, Dreamfever.  If I read these books as they were released, I would find myself agitated and grumpy lol ..

I recommend this book to adults only.  Mild to moderate sexual content, however brief, there are some (unfortunately very few) wonderfully descriptive moments.  Moderate violence and some yummy flesh and blood moments.  Eww flat-out does it for me.  Gross?  Yes!  Bring it on!

I do not recommend this book to children or immature adults.

Now, I’m off .. to read Dreamfever!

~Happy Reading ❤

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