Currently Reading … REVIEW: Darkfever – A Fever series nocel # 1 by Karen Marie Moning

Wow.  Ok, so this is a totally new author for me.  I love trying new authors, but I am usually a bit skeptical with paranormal books.  They are always a hit or miss with me.  They rock or they suck IMHO.  Of course, sucking to me may be totally rockin’ awesome to others.  🙂

This is going to turn out to be along review.  The characters are interesting so I will be taking quite a bit from the book itself to hopefully intrigue you enough to read the book as well.

Darkfever turned out to be a very interesting book indeed!  I opened up my kindle, kept my promise to myself, and read a book that I had yet to read.

Around 10%, bummed.  I will never NOT finish reading a book.  Once it is opened, regardless of its contents, I will either happily enjoy the ride or suffer to the end.  Still, at 15% I wasn’t smiling.  I didn’t like what I was reading.  The writing itself wasn’t really doing it for me.  Yet, I persevered!

Finally, when I hit about 25%, the book lured me into its world.  Sneaky little devil as it is, I found myself skipping chores just to “finish this scene!” Ha!  Yay for priorities, right?

Far centered.  Interesting monsters, but I hope that the next book, Bloodfever, provides a more in-depth and gruesome image of the beings that plague “our” world.

MacKayla Lane is the heroine in this book.  She’s pretty hilarious, actually.  She reminds me a lot of my sister, minus the hot pink matching sweaters and manicure.

“Mac” injured:

I couldn’t wear a bra because the underwire hurt too much, so I’d layered a lacy camisole trimmed with dainty roses beneath a pink sweater that complemented my Razzle-Dazzle-Hot-Pink-Twist manicure and pedicure.  Black capris, a wide silver belt, silver sandals, and a small metallic Juicy Couture purse I’d saved all last summer to buy completed my outfit.  I’d swept my long blonde hair up in a high pony-tail, secured by a pretty enameled clip.  I might be feeling bruised and bewildered, but by God I looked good.

And that’s Mac 🙂  There are a lot of female characters, but this one is unique.  Pink fingernails and matching spiffy outfits?  HILARIOUS!  MAc’s view on the paranormal whatnots:

Vampires?  Eew.  Dead.  Enough said.  Time-travel?  Ha, give me creature comforts over a hulking highlander with the manners of a caveman any day.  Werewolves?  Oh, please, just plain stupid.  Who wants to get it on with a man who’s ruled by his inner dog?  As if all men aren’t anyway, even without the lycanthrope gene.

Jericho Barron.  Sophisticated, intelligent, rich with a holier-than-thou complex and entirely too much sexy yumminess for his own good, Barron gets exactly what is coming to him when he decides to team up with our ever so gentle (not) Mac!

“What they have, Ms. Lane, is a very precise language.  If you think about it a moment, you’ll see it makes sense; case in point, if you’re making sense, you’ve just unmade confusion.”

“Attitude shapes reality, Ms. Lane, and yours, to coin a grossly overused American phrase, sucks.”

So far, this book contains very little sexual content.  There are two small scenes where Mac runs into a sex-until-you-die being.  Cool huh?  The only reason I am posting something sexual directly from the book is because I am thoroughly impressed.  I have read a TON of authors that try to insert sexual descriptions, foreplay, feelings, sensations, and I admit that Karen Marie Moning is one of the top of my list at the moment.  There are only two small scenes (with no contact) but the text below blew my mind.  Two tall thumbs up to the author for totally rockin’ my world with Mac’s moment of sexual frustration.  If you are disturbed by any sexual content or description, please do not read below.

There is one other character that just flat out does it for me.  V’lane.  He’s the sexy studmuffin that has that sex-until-death power emanating from his masculine and enigmatic yumminess!

“I am V’lane, prince of the Tuatha De Danaan, and I am here on behalf of Aoibheal, exalted High Queen of our race.  She has a task for you, sidhe-seer.”

I was instantly wet, hot, and slippery in my panties, every cell ripe and swollen with need.  My breasts and loins plumped just from looking at it; grew soft, fuller, heavier.  The friction of my nipples against my bra was suddenly an unthinkable sexual torture device, my panties more binding than ropes and chains, and I needed desperately to have something between my legs, pounding into me, cramming me full inside.  I needed friction.

I recommend this book to anyone in need of a smiling and dainty female character that defies and tortures a sexy dominant male.  Very little sexual content, but content nonetheless.  Mild violence with some slightly (very slight) disturbing monster tricks.

I do not recommend this book to children or immature adults.

Now, I’m off to the fair!

Hope this review finds you well, HAPPY READING!

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