REVIEW: Dangerous Games – A Riley Jenson Guardian series novel # 4 by Keri Arthur

Ok.  Hmm…

This book bored the everliving shit out of me.  BORED ME!  College classes, midterms, tests, homework … All I wanted was something hot!  Something sizzling .. something that would distract me from the apparently endless number of dense students that attend my college.  But .. no.

When I found this author …this series, I was excited!  I lovelovelove Anita Blake and hot damn this series is similar and just flat-out does it for me.  Unfortunately, every writer has his or her moment and Arthur had hers while writing this book.

Did I mention boring?  Ok, let’s see, shall we?

Plot!  Sexy Riley Jenson, wolf chick who has a thing for Kellen (Alpha werewolf dude) and Quinn (oddly seductive with a side of soul mate vampire).  How can you possible have a paranormal romance series without the inevitable lustful triangle?  To put it simply … You can’t.

Women are being slaughtered, mutilated and raped by some finger devouring demon who somehow manages to brutally kill his victims and dumps their bodies with a shameful yet satisfying smile.

We have the devious and evasive Gautier who … is irritating.  Although there is a tremendous amount of back story for this character, I find him hollow and unworthy of my attentions 🙂

Searching for an archaic dark god who accompanies a three-headed dragon known as death, pain and desperation, Riley finds herself with a sadist (dragon head dude of pain hah) who finds Riley quite appetizing.  *rolls eyes*

There are a few, brief moments of intrigue, but other than that … I suffered my way through this book.

The short conversation below may seem boring, but the progressing relationship between Riley and Sal is hilarious.  Two strong-minded females, one vamp, one werewolf .. It’s downright comical 😉

“For weres, or for vamps who have the hots for their boss?”

“Humans, asshole.  Anything else?”

“Nope.  Such a pleasure talking to you again, Sal.”

“Bite my ass, wolf girl.”

This book displeased me until the last 20%.  With that said, I give this author and the Riley Jenson Guardian series a two thumbs up.  I find it fascinating and I sincerely hope that the next book does not leave me wanting.

I recommend this book to mature adults only.  Totally rockin awesome violence and sadomasochistic sexual and violent content.  Read this series sequentially or it will not make a bit of damn sense.

~happy reading

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