REVIEW: Lair of the Lion by Christine Feehan

Lair of the Lion is a fascinating paranormal romance rerelease by Christine Feehan.

As with most of Feehan’s books, Lair of the Lion is filled with lust, betrayal, rejection, mystery, enemies and jealousy.  Would we have it any other way?

Isabella Vernaducci escaped a hunting party that was searching for her brother, and with only his help did she manage to elude the soldiers.  Spending every cent, she desperately sought Nicholai DeMarco, the one man whom all other dons feared.

The curse that plagues their valley, and the gossip that whispers thoroughly the villages and hallways, leave little to be imagined.  Other Dons and villagers believe that the valley and lands from the DeMarco were cursed, protected by exotic and dangerous animals…More importantly, that the animals were controlled by Don DeMarco himself.

Nicholai DeMarco is an interesting character, although a bit overdone.  A man suffering from a curse that has survived throughout the generations of his family.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Wielding armies with commanding confidence, his successful protection that he has continuously offered his family, friends and servants, goes unappreciated due to his hideous appearance.  Self-isolation was the only protection he could promise.

Striving for revenge to punish the man who rapes innocent women and children, secrets go unnoticed and that’s where the misunderstandings and betrayals start.  And all along, he tries to send her away.

“I know the lions refused to let me leave through the pass.  I know I’m supposed to be with you.”  Isabella wrapped her arms around herslef to keep from shaking.  “It is the only thing I know for certain, Nicholai.”  She looked up at him with her big, innocent eyes.  “You’re the breath in my body, the warmth and joy in my heart.  Wherever you sent me, I would wither and die.  If not my body, at least my spirit.  Better to have joy burning hot and bright, if only for a short time, than to die a long endless death.”

This book was okay…I suppose.  Add a few twists, and I would say that it is virtually identical to the Scarletti Curse.

I recommend this book to Feehan fans and anyone with a paranormal romance fancy.  Strong descriptive violent content as well as moderate sexual content .. the scenes are yummy in a subtle and not nearly enough to make me smile kinda way.

I am glad that I purchased this book, but unfortunately, I have NO room on my bookshelves!  They are filled, stacked and double filled (Rows covering other rows) .. In need of bookcase donations! Ha!

~happy reading!

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