20 Bits About Me …

Good evening … All of my homework is done… I have studied just in case my brain decides to giggle at me during another pop quiz … And now I’m getting ready to finish reading another book for a requested review!  Yay for totally rockin awesome authors living their dreams baby!

1) The other day, someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up … I think it was during class, but I cannot seem to remember 🙂  I can’t decide whether or I want to shoot to become a Psychiatric Geneticist or a Clinical Psychologist in attempt to form support groups for those who need extra help … and some understanding friends … Talk about compare and contrast!  Attempt to research and help psychological disorders BEFORE they occur OR help those with psychological disorders after the fact 🙂

2) Last night, I was working through my Unleashed romanceish erotica book, and you know what I turned on the television for inspiration?  Terminator 2!  Go fkn figure …

3) I’m not a math person.  I’ve always struggled and HATED math!  The other day, everything clicked and I found myself jamming out to Green Day and jumping up with woo hoos and triumphant “GOTCHA!” at the mathematical problems I figured out 🙂

4) If I glance up just a bit (as I sit at my desk…), I see an 18 year old Garfield clipping about groveling befor ethe mighty rubber chicken 🙂

5) I believe in angels.  I’m not sure about everything else …

6) I’m a cynic.

7) Out of the four classes, 7 tests, 1 pop quiz and 5 assignments, my lowest average is a 97% … bastards… If I’m taking a test, I read the questions and I take every word literally… It’s the best way to not assume otherwise.  Professors should be more careful of their wording.

8) I have decided that I will not reread a single book in 2012!  Every book and story that I read will be a first …

9) If I could do anything all over again, I’d save up all of my money and go clothes shopping about 10 years ago … You know … When clothes were normal.

10) I need what I want … I want what I dream … I have all that is … I am who I am.

11) My toe and fingernails are currently fleshly painted a very deep, dark midnight blue.

12) I don’t like people touching my feet.

13) When I walk through the airport security, I always giggle and say, “woo hoo I made it!” which of course gets me a pretty good look of hmm …

14) When I am making a purchase at a store, I always say, “Oh good!  The card wasn’t declined!”

15) When sneaking a lunch with my husband WITHOUT the kid … I always say something about Bobby’s wife working or not seeing us.

16) A question that I have on goodreads is, “Is it better to out monster the monster or be quiet devoured?”  What would your answer be?  I think I would rather be quietly devoured.

17) Do you pretend to be someone other than yourself?  I do … every day.

18) My reoccurring nightmare when I was a child … I was at my grandparent’s house and running through the front of their property … Freddie Krueger was chasing me …

19) I can knock out some totally rockin awesome computer graphics; give me a pen and a piece of paper and I might manage a stick figure… No shit.

20) Sometimes I think things I would never admit to someone other than one as twisted as the other side of me…

4 responses to “20 Bits About Me …

  1. I have always hated math too.
    Midnight blue is an awesome color. It makes me wonder if there’s such thing as Midnight Purple since I’ve started to love purple lately.

  2. I believe in angels too. Very much so.
    Robin hates her feet to be touched too. How strange.

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