REVIEW: The Very Thought Of Him by Jessica Callaver

The Very Thought Of Him is an erotic short story that totally rocked my world!  Cheers to Jessica Callaver for the delicious, body tingling descriptive intimacies that which she has shared with me…And hopefully you!

It is very difficult to nail a short story.  Too much back story?  To little?  Not enough description?  Cliffhanger or closure?  There are many factors to which a short story can wiggle itself into my mind and beg to be reread.  I have a feeling that I will be reading this story more than once.

Positively brilliant, heart pounding, toes clenching… This story between two people who meet in a motel room after finding each other on an online personals website.

Instead of a cold, harsh wham bam humping, Callaver has taken a quick, new encounter to the next level.  Giving us a glimpse into the possibilities of what could be, showing us a strong woman who takes charge of her own sexual appetite is arousing and incredibly overwhelming.

Dara could feel his gaze on her body as she crossed the threshold, could feel his eyes, like hands caressing her skin.  She put an extra wiggle in her sashay, the material of her skirt tickling the skin of her ass.

Fantastic intimacy!  The only thing about this story is that it left me wanting.  I want more!  I want Kelly.  Her tantalizing efforts force me to anticipate more of her work and I can assure you that her words are addictive.

This short story is a MUST READ!  I have yet to read any of her other work, but I am hopeful to do so in the near future and will not hesitate to give you a glimpse into her world with future reviews.

I recommend this story to MATURE adults ONLY!  This is an extremely intimate erotica.  Sex, sex, and more sex.  It’s delicious.  It’s throbbing.  It’s teasing.  Read on!

~Happy reading!

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