20 Bits of Misc Me …

For some reason, I thought today was Wednesday!  Thankfully, it is not or I would have missed picking up my momma at the airport 😉

Ok, so I’m going to ramble about misc me bits *smiling* so here we go …

1)  I grew up in Texas and moved to New York at age 21.  What the hell was I thinking?!  I moved back 3 1/2 years later.  Yankees are … well yanks.

2)  I was on the swim team until age 11.  What a blast!  Imagine me, super light blonde hair, tanned body and cowgirl boots 😉

3)  At age 14 I decided to give gymnastics a go.  Everyone told me, “You’re too tall.  You’ll never be any good.”  Well, screw you people.  And that’s exactly what I did … well, not literally 😉  I received the most votes at the junior high cheerleading competition (Yuck… don’t know what the hell I was thinking.  I am not a beebopping omging hi there! kinda girl)  High school, I was phenomenal on the floor and made it onto the gymnastics team.  Weeks later, I found myself in a wheelchair for 6 months.

4)  “You won’t walk for probably two years.”   As I mentioned, 6 months later I was out of that damned wheelchair.    I dislike anyone telling me I cannot do something.

5)  I drink budlight even though my husband thinks it’s water and worthless in comparison to whatever brown crap he decides to drink 🙂

6)  I was a HUGE Spawn fan.  Anyone remember Angela?  Helloooo hot stuff!  If you are sitting there clueless, well shame on you.

7)  The first adult book that I read was Stephen King’s The Dark Half.  And that is one of the so many reasons why I am the way that I am today 😉

8)  I love the smell of  new refrigerators, new books, new tires and new shoes.

9)  I love fast cars.  The faster and louder the better.  I am currently driving a new Prius which has helped my ticket intake considerably.  Those exhibition of acceleration tickets are brutal!

10)  I am returning to college on January 17th~  My birthday is January 18th … That’s just wrong.  I cannot decide on my major, so I’ll toss English and Psychology into a hat and maybe flip a coin?

11)  One of my goals is to become fluent in several languages.  I have always had a passion for foreign languages.  German, Spanish, French, Greek, Latin, Russian and NOT a foreign language but I’d like to work on my ASL.

12)  Our family therapist once told us that we were not dysfunctional.  We fired him.  Clearly he was on something.

13)  I’ve always been a gamer.  My father introduced me to King’s Quest wayyyy back when.  From there I played, Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Starcraft 1, Broodwars, a bunch of in between games, Lineage 2, Conan hehe, LOTR, World of Warcraft, Aion and now Rift.  *shrugs*  I won’t mention the LARPing.  Nope, won’t mention it at all!

14)  I’m currently working my way through the In Death series by J.D. Robb.  I’m not sure how far I will get through it before I need a break.  First book on my list is to reread Dante’s Inferno.  Love it ❤

15)  I dislike people who smell, lie, touch me or get too damned close.  It’s called personal space for a reason people.  I do not handle crowds well; although my invisibility bubble helps me endure those rough panic attacks.

16)  I am a Type A personality.  If things don’t go as planned, I get pissy.  If I’m not 15 minutes early, I’m late.    I write poetry instead of journal entries.

17)  I love Lake of the Woods, Ontario.  The bats sucked.  Totally.  Canada is gorgeous.  I’ve visited Mexico but I did not much care for it.  My goals are to visit Germany and Australia.  *shrugs*  That’s really about it.  Anything else is a bonus.

18)  I have two favorite pets of all time.  At age 17, I had a calico cat named Shitty Kitty.  And now I have a beautiful cat named Pumpkin Face.  When I was a child, I named one of our kittens Murdock.  If you do not know the origin of that name, shame on you again!

19)  I have been training in Taekwondo for a couple of years.  If all goes well, I will receive my recommend black belt at the next testing.  We are currently working on one of my favorite forms, In Wah 2.

20)  Although I do not have many friends, I am loyal, kind and loving.  I adore my friends and I am thankful for their love and kindness in return.  I am not an easy person to get along with or to understand for that matter.  Those who stick around rock!  Those who don’t, *shrugs* c’est la vie.

~until then

2 responses to “20 Bits of Misc Me …

  1. I admire you going back to college. Good luck, though I know you’ll excel. I too used to study ASL and have forgotten a lot. Now I’m trying to learn a llittle Japanese; it’s easier than Chinese.

    • Japanese sounds like fun! I spent a lot of time in Rochester. I worked down the street from RIT which is an exemplary school for the deaf. I have always found myself fascinated!

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