REVIEW: The Hunters: Declan and Tori – A Hunters series novel # 1 by Shiloh Walker

Holy shit!

Two words that crossed my mind the entire time I read this book!

Erotic.  Shapeshifter sex.  Werewolves.  Vampires.  Love and sexual triangles.  Revenge.  Ghosts.

This book has it ALL.

If you are a Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita Blake series fan, these books are for you!

At first, I was not quite sure what to make of this novel.  Instead of fighting inner demons and struggling against the almighty bad guys, the mystery is lessened with the most extremely delicious erotic scenes I have read in quite some time.

From the beginning, this book is filled with lust and an excruciatingly throbbing amount of sex.  Rough and demanding.  I was very impressed from the first page of this book up until the very last.

Declan, a cop and wolf, knew Tori was his mate from the moment they met.  Being refused by her for over 6 months, he continues his attempts at seducing her.

Tori is an interesting woman who finds herself helping a teenager that is terrified of a stalker she claims is a vampire.  Unfortunately, when Tori shelters her, she runs into the vampire and bites the dust.  Although this paragraph may seem like a spoiler, it’s not.  It’s within the first 5% of this book :p

With an overwhelming and undeniable need to mate often, this book is filled with a constant rollercoaster of new information, working through the animal instincts and a brutally profound craving to mate…Needed as much as the air they breathe.  Or don’t breathe …

This is the first time I have read this book.  I’m excited to rip myself through this long series and although I have chores today, I can guarantee you that I will make myself lazy in order to read read read!

I recommend this book ONLY to mature adults.  EXTREME sexual content.  Moderate violence.  This book contains an explosive love triangle that will just melt your insides.

Off to read I go … Until then!

~happy reading!

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