REVIEW: Punish Me, Please Me – An Anthology by Ashley Zacharias

Heartwrenching.  Mind-blowing stories.  Shocking sexual yumminess.  Imaginative.  Brilliant.

I found this author from  This is the January 2012 Book of the Month.  You can currently receive a copy of this book in several different formats for absolutely FREE.  A MUST READ!

There are a few passages in this review that are somewhat… bold.  If you are easily offended by sexual content or phrases, please just avoid reading the rest of it :p

You can find it here:

Punish Me, Please Me

Betting on God is the first story in this amazing anthology.   If you seek something shocking and quite possibly disgusting, this is the story for you!  Surrounded by religious battles and sacrificial lambs, I truly enjoyed this story … wholeheartedly!

The beginning of Better on God, although quite brilliant, left me thinking, “Well shit.”  I was not sure where the author was going with the lengthy buildup.  It’s worth it.  If you are an extremely religious person, I think you should read this story … Just to get your panties in a ruffle!

I had originally planned on quoting a long passage from this book that rocked my world … But I thought it best to allow you the shock factor *grin*

Line of the story:

“Now, you get to it all and I expect you to plow me like a rutting goat on crack.”

In Search of Master Exeter is the second story in this anthology.  Celine is a bored and unsatisfied teacher who is sick and tired of being dumped by the men that come and go.  She needs something new and refreshing.  Something that will help her with relationships.

What does she find?  A website advertising a two-week sexual slave training.  Teetering back and forth, in the end she decides to apply and move forward with this training in hopes that she can please men and keep them from leaving her.

“If you can learn to be happy serving as a slave to strangers, you will find true joy when you are enslaved to a man you love.”

I did not like the ending to this story.  It had a nice twist that I suppose could be quite satisfying to others, but it left me a tad bummed.

Line of the story:

What was a little doggy-style fucking after her asshole had been ripped out to a new size and her tonsils roto-rootered last night?

Bless Me, Father, For I have Sinned is the third installment of this anthology.  As the title clearly implies, this is about someone confessing their sins.  Another story surrounded by religious twists and turns.

Although the story was interesting, I was left wanting.  I needed more action.  More sin.  More… something.

The Middle Manger, the fourth story, TOTALLY ROCKED MY WORLD!   A woman who manages a department and is striving for a promotion, finds herself being blackmailed by one of her staff.  After realizing that she desperately needed his help in reaching her career goals, she agrees to little tidbits of sexy fun.

Their agreement escalates and the entire story became all-consuming.   If you can close a book and run to your husband in hopes of orgasmic satisfaction, then the author did her job!  Cheers!

The final installment in this anthology is called Private Performance.  Positively brilliant!

Catherine, an artist working towards her Masters degree, agrees to have her services commission by a handsome, rich man.  Instead of painting, she provides actual performances in his home.

Invited guests find themselves enthralled, angry, jealous and intrigued.  I found this story beyond satisfying and completely arousing.  The planned art performance is genius and I wonder where the idea came from.

A psychological brainfuck, if you’re interested in observing human behavior, this is a fantastic story for you!  What a paper this would make for my psychology class hehe

I highly recommend this book to all mature adults, those bored and horny.  Aroused and numb.  This book contains arrogant and disgusting plots, dehumanizing and intellectual debates, religion battering and implied sodomy.  Bottom line?  AWESOME!

~Happy reading!

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