REVIEW: Wild Rain – A Leopard series novel # 2 by Christine Feehan

A thrilling ride through the survival of a leopard attack, torturous pain, fever and past life confusion.

Wild Rain is the second book in Christine Feehan’s leopard series.  This book is the story of Rio and Rachael.

Rio is a male shape-shifting leopard who has been banished from the village of his people.  He works with a team that rescues or assassinates psycho bad dudes.

Rachael (I’ll be vague because I refuse to write a spoiler heh) is running from her past.  She flees to the rainforest in attempt to stage her on death.  It’s as simple as that.

I love this series.  There is something about a shape-shifting female going into heat, trying to claw her mate’s face off and then sticking her behind into the air to tempt him to take her.

I suppose that just flat-out does it for me.

The majority of Wild Rain takes place in Rio’s home.  He returns from a mission to find Rachael sleeping in his bed.  He believes she is an assassin waiting to kill him.  She believes he is a man from her past coming to kill her.  What a great way to start a relationship!

I do adore Rachael’s personality.  Her character is sarcastic, hilarious and more importantly to the alpha male banging on his chest paranormal romance story, defiant and rebellious to her mate.

“That awful leech is going to just stay there, getting high on your blood.  Maybe it’s a girl leech and she’s going to have babies and they’ll all live on your back, sucking your blood.  A little leech community.  How perfectly lovely.”

The majority of this book takes place in Rio’s home.  Rachael is extremely injured and is bedridden with an oozing leg and a raging fever.   As I read, I found myself waiting for something exciting to happen.  Although this book does have some adventurous flings, it is mostly about the character and relationship progression between to people whom do not trust one another or understand what is happening between them.

The first time I read this book I found myself thoroughly confused during certain scenes.  This time, I knew what to expect and it made a hell of a lot more sense.

This is most definitely not my favorite book in the leopard series.  Although some of you thrive on character progression (Which I do! .. But not this one …) others need the constant doubt or mystery or action.  To each his own.

As for my opinion, this book is brilliantly played.  I would have hoped for better scenery but that which is provided is repetitious yet beautiful.

The world was a lush riot of colors, every shade of green vying with vivid brilliant colors erupting up and down the trunks of trees.  High overhead and on the forest floor, flowers, fauna and fungi vied for space in the secret, hidden world.  Even in the rain, she could see evidence of wildlife, shadows flitting from branch to branch, lizards scrambling into foliage. 

I recommend this book to mature adults only due to extremely yummy and descriptive violent and sexual content.  Do not let your children or teenagers read these books.  Think McFly, think!

~Happy reading!

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