REVIEW: Murder Game by Christine Feehan

Hunting teams competing with each other for points earned by murder, rape and bloodshed, Murder Game is an interesting book indeed.

Although this book is brilliant and fun, it’s not one of my favorites.  Looking forward to Kadan’s character, this book was somewhat of a disappointment.   Below you will see two quick notations on the origin and idea of GhostWalkers and their explosive union with their women.

The relationship is totally rockin awesome and I adore how Tansy shakes up his silent resolve.  Kadan has always been the cool, collected Ghostwalker.  It’s amazing what will change when your genetically altered mate lands your lap.

The wind shifted and carried her scent to him.  Kadan’s body tightened savagely in response.  His body knew her instantly.  She looked like some wild, pagan offering.  Untamed, seductive.  For him.  He went very still, his breath catching in his lungs.  Instant awareness shook him.  He’d certainly had his share of women, but he never reacted like this-a vicious, brutal response of his body and mind, everything in him reaching toward her.

“He did other things too.  He has a breeding program, matching the girls, who are now women, with men he experimented on in the military.  He created several GhostWalker teams.  I’m a member of one of those teams.  I agreed to be psychically enhanced.  At the time, we didn’t know he took those experiments even further without our consent.  He enhanced us genetically as well as paired us with the women from his earlier experiments.  Our best guess is that he hopes to create unique soldiers from the unions.”

Tansy must remain secluded to avoid contact with other people and objects that overwhelm her with their violent history.  Forced into agreement, she assists Kadan with locating the serial killing teams.  Using puzzle pieces left at the crime scenes, she must relive every crime in hopes of finding the teams and the puppet master.

This book has an intriguing story to it.  I like the idea.  It just didn’t do it for me.

I recommend this book to mature adults only.  I’m sure it will entertain anyone who is looking forward to a fantastic story.  If you have read any Christine Feehan books but have yet to read this series, begin with Shadow Game.  This series is outstanding and well worth the read!

~Happy reading!

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