REVIEW: Dark Moon – A Decorah Security series novel # 1 by Rebecca York

(I am considering this the first novel in the newly introduced Decorah Security spin-off of the Moon series … Until I am told otherwise.)

Dark Moon is a thrilling perversion of shapeshifting fun.  When Ruth told me it was “darker than the others” I was unsure what she meant.  Now I know.

Dark Moon is a spin-off from the usual Moon series.  Dark Moon introduces Cole, one of the Marshall cousins and an employee of Decorah Security.

In Dark Moon, Decorah Security provides assistance a rescue mission for the kidnapped victim, Karen.

Cole and Emma have been fighting their mutual attraction since they set eyes on one another.  Unfortunately, they are both being assigned to rescue a woman who has been taken to a cruise ship that entertains wealthy guests.

His role, the wealthy playboy and hers the temporary girlfriend until found boring … You can imagine how well they work together as they struggle with the lust rolling through them.  Mates denying how they feel?  It makes for an entertaining curveball!

The Windward cruise ship provides the opportunity for any fantasy to be fulfilled.  From historical sexy reenactments, to caged women on display, this book is by far a profoundly twisted turn from York’s regular work.  From consensual fun to rape and murder, Dark Moon is a fun ride of BDSM and survival.

The only thing I wish could be different about this book is a more descriptive and lengthier content for the perversions.  Although the ideas were incredible and by far deliciously tasteful, it would have been nice to experience them with more pages.  But, that’s just me.

I most definitely recommend this book to MATURE adults ONLY!  Severely strong and yummy sexual content and moderately violence although mildly descriptive.  I highly suggest not allowing this book to be read by teenagers or “immature adults” … Seriously people?  Think before you treat your child like an adult.  This book is inappropriate for younger eyes.

~Happy reading!

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