Dominance and … My thoughts on Alpha male Romance novels …

 I read a ton of romance and romance erotica books.  I enjoy reading anything from Paranormal romance to M/F erotica to M/M erotica to Zombie’s gonna getcha to Stephen King to Anne Rice to Janet Evanovich to J.D. Robb.  I have a wide genre of books that occupy my bookshelf.

Recently, I’ve been flying through a ton of paranormal romance series that more or less have the alpha male / reluctant female theme.  For example, the Christine Feehan Dark series. 

Anyone who has read this series know exactly what happens.  Now before I begin my recent thoughts and rant ramble away, I would like to point out that Christine Feehan is currently my favorite author and has had the privilege of being safely perched on the top of my bookcase (away from the toddler heh).  So any opinions and tidbits that I will express in this post are by no means a reflection of negativity of her work.  I adore her.  It’s just that her series of works are a perfect example hehe …

Let’s discuss Dark Prince.

Mikhail, the Prince of the Carpathian race.  Alone and ready to perish in the sun, to sacrifice himself for his honor.

Raven, an empath and telepath feels his desperation, his resolve to cease his existence.  She reaches out to him, mind to mind, to let him know that there is hope beyond what he feels is virtually unreachable.

His response to her soft touch?  He forces himself into her mind.  He spiritually but somehow physically touches her body.  If you let your thoughts become overly dramatic and try to over-analyze the situation as only I can … (Hopefully there are others out there … There should be damn it o.O)… You begin to wonder and comprehend how wrong the male characters are!

He takes away her choices.  He “mind rapes” her.  He touches her body even though she tells him to stop.  He forces himself into her life.  He walks into a room and picks her up, taking her away from her place of residence and forces her to stay with him.  Sure of course, she “enters at her own free will” .. But cmon now …

All of the resistance … All of the no’s .. all of the stops .. And he continues to take what is “his” because he is lonely and in order to save his honor he must force her to his side for “all of man kind” heh …

Now sure, the book ends in a beautifully erotic love story where they live throughout eternity with one another in a passionate and intensely erotic relationship.  But… just how did they get there?  What would have happened if he allowed her to actually choose for herself instead of forcing the situation?

Ok, one part of me thinks the above is way beyond the lines of “WTF” ..  But another part of me craves what will happen next.

For some reason, women love that shit!  They read about a man who is so lonely, that he cannot exist without the woman he persists is his.  He takes her, consumes her… and makes her his regardless of her intentions to reject him.  Fighting, rejecting, pushing the man away .. Women readers still find themselves intrigued, aroused and inspired by the fantasies those books provide.

Maybe some find themselves disgusted?

Question then is … If you find yourself aroused, is your current relationship lacking the intense passion that you can only have with force and dominance?

If you’re disgusted, are you delusional in the persistence and continue to deny the probability that deep down inside … there are things that concern you .. sensations and reactions that make you doubt not only who you “really” are but who you are currently portraying yourself as …You wonder .. Or are you genuinely abhorrent to the thought of another man assuming control over you?

Now, take me for example.  What do I feel about those moments?  The scenes that make me question myself?  Am I lacking the need to be dominated or controlled?  Do I merely find myself a housewife with the desires to read only what I will forever deny myself?  Something I truly do not want but can’t  tear my eyes away?

Well shit.  Isn’t that just the question?

I have to go now!  My cat, Pumpkin Face thinks my couch is a damn scratching post! ahha..

Until then~

2 responses to “Dominance and … My thoughts on Alpha male Romance novels …

  1. I have often wondered the same thing myself Tilly. I have no desire to be dominated whatsoever! When I read stories like that, I have mixed emotions because it’s kinda sexy and sucky. It’s like, really? Poor little ole female that I am just needs to have a man tell me what to do. My life had no meaning at all until I found someone to order me around. NOT!

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