REVIEW: Hidden Away – A KGI series novel #3 by Maya Banks

To say that I am extremely disappointed in this book would be an overstatement.  The other books in this series have not had better impressions so I suppose I was expecting to be bummed.

I do not much care for this series.  I do not like the books so far.  The only thing the KGI series has going for it is the characters…And the characters rock!

Hidden away is the KGI series story about Garrett and Sarah.

Garrett is sent on a mission that brings his agonizing nightmare of a past to life.  He is forced to protect a woman…the half sister of the traitorous man who changed Garrett’s life.  Sent on the “bullshit” mission, he’s forced to lounge on a beach, fish and drink beer all day.

Doesn’t sound too bad, right?  Well then you throw in the babbling and terrified woman he is to protect and I suppose things get a little interesting.

If she’d witnessed a murder, it wasn’t all that had happened.  Someone had hurt her or scared the hell out of her, and it enraged him.  Yeah, she was a job and he took each and every job seriously.  But the surge of protectiveness he felt whenever he looked at this scared, fragile woman went beyond that of a job.  And he was at a loss to explain it.

Sarah witnessed her brother murder a man she shared a past with.  Although she felt no remorse from the man’s death, she fears what will happen to her brother if the authorities realizes his involvement.  She’s on the run and of course bumps into Garrett on their little island of not so paradise.

She laughed.  She couldn’t help it.  Her shoulders shook and she looked down and laughed all over again.

“What the hell is so funny?” he demanded.  “Definitely not good for a man’s ego when a woman looks at his dick and laughs.”

I had to read 60% of this book for something interesting to happen.  60%.  Things became exciting for a few pages.  Enough said.  Total bummer.

I am only recommending this book to mature adults who are stuck reading this series because of the characters 😦  I adore Maya Banks but this series is just not for me.  Moderate violence and sexual content.
~Happy reading!


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