REVIEW: The Darkest Hour – A KGI series novel #1 by Maya Banks

Your wife is alive.  Four simple words that yanked Ethan from his drunken induced self-destruction.

After throwing divorce papers at his wife, she walked out the door and headed to a mercy mission.  Before she could return to give Ethan the chance to reconcile their difference and apologize for his actions, her plane goes down.  All passengers aboard perished.

One year later on the anniversary of her death, Ethan received a package that is filled with classified information on where his wife is being held in captivity.  Being held.  Not dead.  She was alive.

Racing to his brothers, he asks KGI for help.  Rescuing his wife was the easy part.  Struggling with her amnesia was a whole different ball game.  Only remembering Garrett, Ethan’s older brother who he believes had an affair with his wife, Ethan must confront his jealousy and care for his wife.

As memories return to Rachel, Ethan fears what she will remember of their marriage.  Vowing to do whatever it takes to make things right, Ethan and Rachel fall in love all over again.  And then the nightmares started.

Running from political assassins hired to kill the one witness who could destroy everything they have worked for, Rachel and her brothers must figure out how to keep her safe.  Safe from her enemies.  Safe from herself.

Now for my personal opinion.  I did not care for this book at all.  It was unadventurous, repetitious and boring.  Although the military focus brought some excitement, I found myself on an uneventful rollercoaster of drama.  And not in a good way.  Bummer.

I respect and appreciate Maya Banks’ work.  I adore her Sweet series that left me panting.  This series is not doing it for me.  The only reason I am currently reading No Place To Run, the second novel in the KGI series, is because of the characters.

Maya Banks never disappoints you.  She hooks and sinks you into loving every character she creates.

I recommend this book to mature adults only.  Strong sexual content and even stronger descriptive violence.
~Happy reading!

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